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Our Mission: is to provide unbiased VPN reviews, we ensure that you choose the best vpn which helps you in protecting your privacy, securing your electronic devices, bypassing censorship and unblocking content.

We have been in the industry long enough to realize that when it comes to privacy and security the information should be presented in a simple manner. We try not to overwhelm our readers by using technical jargons. We will try our best to present you with the solutions that are easy to implement.

Our Reviews: are never paid and never will be. We do not accept money for reviewing VPN providers even though this has become a norm for the industry. Our reviews are honest no matter what.

How do we make money?: We make money when you make a purchase a product through our website. We get a small commission. This could be from Amazon when you purchase a router or from the VPN company from which you buy their service. However, our rankings are NEVER paid and we NEVER accept paid advertising.

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