5 Best Android VPN Apps that Really Work in 2020

last updated: 23 December 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Google’s very own Android operating system is the most used mobile operating system in the world and couple it with other Android powered devices, you will get a humongous amount of users Android has in the whole world.

Similar to any other devices, Android users also need to protect their online. Additionally they also need the help of a sufficient unblocking tool to claim their internet freedom.

This calls for the need of the best Android VPN services, which does not only protect users’ privacy on the web, but also gives them the power to access any blocked or censored site or service on the web from any location on earth.

However, it is extremely important to choose the best VPN for Android which is what we are discussing here.

Why do you need a VPN for Android?

Before moving to the part where we will discuss about how you can choose the best VPN for Android along with our top picks, it is important to help you understand why you should use an Android VPN and why it has become a need in today’s digital age.

Most of you do know that one of biggest threat on the internet is losing your personal identity and online privacy, especially in the post-Snowden era we live in today.

Additionally, there are plenty of services and websites which have restricted the access of several users around the globe because of geographic restrictions.

Additionally, many countries have strict censorship laws which prohibits users to access certain popular sites. So, the solution to all these significant problems is a VPN.

A Virtual Private Network or VPN helps users to not only protect their privacy on the web, but also helps them to access any website or service that is blocked in their region.

VPN masks user’s IP address to give them complete anonymity on the web and assigns a VPN IP addresses belonging to their desired location.

Additionally, VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the user and the VPN server which makes all the data of the user completely secure.

Best Android VPN Services

In order to stay anonymous on the web and secure all of your internet activities and data while using your Android device on the go, you need the protection of the best Android VPN.

However, you also need to keep in mind that not all VPNs are capable of protecting you online and many do not provide sufficient speed and reliability.

You need to have one of the best VPN services for Android devices which actually do protect your privacy and gives you the true freedom on the web without significantly slowing your connection down.

There are several important considerations which you need to take into account before choosing the best VPN service for your Android devices.

These important elements include the speed, performance, reliability, encryption, servers, locations, logging policy, Android app, and a few more.

On the bases of these considerations, you can easily select the best VPN service provider for your Android devices.

To make it easier and less time taking for you, we have evaluated the top VPN services and picked the best of the best Android VPNs. The following are our handpicked services.


expressvpn reviewExpressVPN is our top pick because of various reasons. It is not only the best VPN service for Android but it is also the best all-around VPN in the world.

The performance of ExpressVPN, in terms of security, speed and bypassing geographic restrictions, is undoubtedly the best among all the VPN services we tested.

Although ExpressVPN is expensive as compared to other VPN providers, it is certainly the best VPN for Android devices. You can easily sign up ExpressVPN and download its app on your device.

ExpressVPN for Android

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nordvpn reviewAnother brilliant VPN service which is known for its string security is NordVPN.

In terms of security and privacy, NordVPN is one of the most reliable services because of its double hop VPN connection dubbed as Double VPN.

Additionally, NordVPN also offers decent speed on Android app which makes the streaming and surfing experience very smooth on the web.

It deserves to be on the list of the best VPN services for Android devices.
Although ExpressVPN is expensive as compared to other VPN providers, it is certainly the best VPN for Android devices. The good thing is you can avail Nordvpn free trial for 7 days.

NordVPN for Android

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cyberghost - cheap vpnThe last one in our list is CyberGhost VPN. If you are an old user of VPNs then you definitely have heard the name because it is one of the most popular services out there.

Its free service has made CyberGhost insanely popular, but the premium service offered by CyberGhost is top notch.

While it works like charm on all devices, the app for Android is especially really great because of its simple design, ease of use, and above average performance and speed.

Although ExpressVPN is expensive as compared to other VPN providers, it is certainly the best VPN for Android devices.

CyberGhost for Android

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SurfShark VPN

Surfshark is another VPN Provider that works wonders with Android. You don’t have to pay a dime and test it out by availing their 7-days free trial.

Sufshark for Android


ipvanish reviewIPVanish is known for its decent speed and connection stability. It is not among the most affordable VPN services you can get, but it certainly is among the best VPNs for Android devices mainly because of its easy to use Android app.

Also, the servers offered by IPVanish are highly optimized for streaming which helps users get the best streaming experience while you are on the go.

Although ExpressVPN is expensive as compared to other VPN providers, it is certainly the best VPN for Android devices.

IPvanish for Android

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VyprVPN by Golden Frog is also a very stable VPN service which offers some of the very innovative security features including the Chameleon protocol which is an extension of OpenVPN protocol. 

Despite the fact that VyprVPN is really good on Android devices, it is also slightly controversial because of its logging policy as VyprVPN claims to keep connection logs for 30 days. They claim to keep those logs for service improvement and troubleshooting.  

Although ExpressVPN is expensive as compared to other VPN providers, it is certainly the best VPN for Android devices.

VyprVPN for Android

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So, these are the best of the best Android VPNs which can make you secure, provide, anonymous and completely free on the web while you are on the go with your Android device.

Additionally, these services work great on Android TVs and other devices as well. So, if you are looking for the best Android VPN service then you can blindly choose any of these.

We assure you that none of these services will disappoint you at all. So, start using the best Android VPN before it’s too late!