Best Anonymous VPN in 2020 to Keep Your Identity Hide from Hackers

last updated: 24 December 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Many people search for the best anonymous VPN to originally seek the online privacy. Nobody likes to be tracked around, whether in real life or in the online world. However, it is evident that there are numerous entities which are after the online privacy of the users. Who would want somebody who can see and know everything you do in the online world? We too think that the answer is no one. This is why we are going to explain everything there is to know about being anonymous on the internet and which are the best anonymous VPN which actually do protect your privacy and identity in the online world.

Anonymity on the web

Many people say that anonymity on the web is a myth and it is true to a major extent. However, it is not totally impossible and the users can be as anonymous as it is important to keep their privacy protected using the right tools, especially a decent and reliable anonymous VPN service. The two biggest problems which needs to be addressed include the IP address of the user and the encryption on data that is transmitted to the internet, the internet traffic.

The IP address of the user cannot only reveal the location, but also reveal the identity of the user. On the other hand, the internet traffic can easily be tracked and logged if the user is on an unsecure network or the ISP tracks the activities of the user. What a truly anonymous VPN can do for your privacy is that it can encrypt all the internet data and transfer it through a secure tunnel which is hard to crack. Even if someone gets their hands on the data, all they get is gibberish because of the encryption.

Additionally, a VPN also hides the real IP address of the user making him or her anonymous on the web. The IP address is masked with a VPN server’s assigned IP which gives users the anonymity along with the powers to access sites and services which are blocked in their region. However, you need to make sure that your VPN truly is anonymous by making sure that they do not keep any logs.

Why a no logs VPN is important for anonymity?

A decent VPN service can save you from many third party privacy invaders by masking your IP, providing your double hop or multi hop VPN, and by encrypting your internet data. However, if your VPN is logging your activities then you are not private on the web and your VPN provider knows everything you are doing on the web.

If your VPN provider is logging your activities, it does not only see and know about your identity and activities but it sell your private and valuable data for some money. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend not to use a shady free VPN service at all. Additionally, even if your VPN is not keeping any activity logs, but it is keeping some connection logs in the name of service improvement and troubleshooting, which is happening a lot in the industry, it is easy to track back to your real IP i.e. your identity on the web.

So, in order to have anonymity and privacy, you need to choose the best anonymous VPN service for your personal use. It is not too difficult, but also not as easy as it sounds. To help you make a better choice in an easier way, we are going to disclose the best anonymous VPN services for you in the next section.

The Best Anonymous VPN Services

In the search for the best anonymous VPN services, we analyzed all the top VPN services which are popular and we also analyzed the not so popular ones, which have decent reputation in terms of privacy and security. However, we did not only look for the services which do not keep logs, but we also looked for encryption, security features, service performance and various other important factors.

After evaluating various services, we picked the top three from them and they are the truly anonymous and log free VPN services which can protect your privacy and make you anonymous on the web to the extent that your private information and activities will remain private. The following are our top picks for the best VPN services.


expressvpn reviewAt the top of all the services is this best all-around VPN service which does not only keep you anonymous on the web, but also provides an unmatched speed and experience for any purpose you have. ExpressVPN price is always same and no discount, which is slightly higher than the other services, and its brilliant performance along with security.


nordvpn reviewThe second one is NordVPN which is extremely privacy focused and based in Panama. NordVPN offers brilliant features, a large network of servers and decent speed without keeping any logs whatsoever. NordVPN also offers the feature dubbed as Double VPN which is basically a double hop VPN connection. It does effect the speed in the negative way, but it also doubles the level of encryption.

Private Internet Access

pivate-internet-accessAnother very popular and worthy choice is Private Internet Access which has been proved, not once but twice, to be a truly logs free VPN service. Many users whose mainly focus is privacy have the issue with it’s base location i.e. the United States, but still it is one of the best anonymous VPN services because of the fact that it has been asked by the authorities to provide the logs and it could not because it does not keep any.


So, these are our top picks for you if you are looking for the best anonymous VPN service. It is important to pick a service which does not keep any logs, but also provides strong encryption, decent security features, OpenVPN protocol, and airtight security from all kinds of leaks. We are sure that any of the mentioned VPN services would not let you down if you are planning to go for any one of these.