Does Avast VPN Work With Netflix in 2020?

last updated: 04 April 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Ever since computer security products available in the market, Avast is the most common and trusted brand that we all used to secure our computers once in our life. 

And just like its other security products, I also tried its VPN service known Avast Secureline VPN. After using it, I must say it checks all the boxes in providing online privacy.

However, it does not work very well when you use it to unblock your favorite Netflix library. This is because Avast Secureline VPN service focuses on providing online data security that it does very well but can’t unblock Netflix libraries as it does not offer optimized streaming servers.

But in the past, like PIA VPN, Avast servers were able to unblock Netflix but not anymore. But it does not mean that not all VPNs can’t unblock Netflix’s other streaming services. 

Netflix proxy error

Why is Avast VPN Netflix Not Working?

Avast Secureline VPN is one of the best feature-packed VPN services to ensure your online privacy. But the problem is this provider offers only 55 servers that are already blacklisted or blocked by Netflix. 

Basically, Netflix uses an IP monitoring system that blocks VPN servers regularly. And since Avast does not expand its servers like other streaming VPNs in the market, it fails to unblock Netflix for you. 

This is why the VPN services with a large number of networks and also expand it further consider one of the best VPN services in the market for both streamings and to protect your online presence from hackers and mass surveillance agencies. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a VPN that works with Netflix, then the time has come to say goodbye to Avast Secureline VPN Netflix and switch to a Netflix VPN that works along with robust security features. 

Best Avast VPN Alternative to Unblock Netflix 

To find that best working VPN with Netflix that also provide strong online security, I tested several renown VPN services. After my testing, I discovered that Surfshark is the best Netflix VPN that allows you to access different content libraries from anywhere around the world. Moreover, other than Netflix, it also unblocks other popular streaming services, including Disney Plus, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Foxtel, Voot, Hotstar, Stan, and more. 

Despite being a new VPN service in the market, Surfshark is getting popular among those streamers who want to access geo-block services like Netflix as well as keep their online activities. 

It offers 1000+ servers in 60+ countries to unblock almost every version of the Netflix library, including the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, and more. 

And the best thing about this VPN provider that it always keeps replacing it blocked servers with new ones. This means when Netflix blacklisted the Surfshark server, it immediately disposes and change it with the new one. In this way, you can always access your favorite content on Netflix while traveling or on vacation in other countries.

Additionally, it is the only provider that offers unlimited simultaneous connections on a single account. And you can access your favorite Netflix library with Surfshark on all your streaming devices, including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, Smart TV, and Gaming consoles. 

And in case you didn’t like the service, you can get a full refund as the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Can I Watch Netflix with a Free VPN?

No. All of these free VPN services do not offer streaming servers. And Netflix already blocks these free VPN servers. However, if any one of these free VPN providers allows you to access Netflix, then there is a high possibility that you may suffer from video lagging and quality issues because of limited data cap and a large number of users. And if you are a person who is very sensitive about its online privacy, free VPN services are a terrible option for you as most of them do not use encryption protocols at all, keep logs, and also sell it to third parties and marketing agencies. 

This is why I always recommend using reputable and trusted VPN services like Surfshark


Which VPN Works with Netflix?

Currently, Surfshark is the best working VPN for Netflix. With Surfshark, you can access all Netflix libraries while traveling or on vacations no matter where you are.

What Does Avast VPN Do?

Avast Secureline VPN is best for securing your online activities by connecting to one of its servers. You can use this VPN service on all major devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and more. 

Does Avast Allow Torrenting?

Yes. As of now, Avast VPN is allowing Torrenting (P2P). However, if you are looking for an all-rounder VPN that is good for torrenting, streaming, and security, then I would recommend you opt for Surfshark.

Wrapping Up

Avast Secureline VPN is one of the best VPN for your online privacy and data security. However, it does not work with Netflix anymore because of its limited amount of servers. But you can still access Netflix from anywhere around the Globe by switching to Surfshark, which is the best Netflix VPN in 2020.