Cheap VPN – Lowest Cost to Pay for Monthly and Yearly VPN Plans

last updated: 18 October 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

 Like you, we too love sales and affordable stuff because why not. So, in the hunt for the cheap VPN, we dug very far to find the cheapest VPNs and bring them to you. However, we did not only look for the cheap ones in terms of money only because those can be honeypots like many free VPN services. So, we looked for legit cheap VPNs which are great and affordable, both at the same time.

The things we focused on primarily is certainly the cost of the service, however, we also looked at the features, security, privacy, and performance of the VPNs which are low cost. So now we are going to list down our top picks and then look at each below.

What is the best cheap VPN?

So we bring to you our top picks for the best cheap VPN, which are affordable and do not sell your privacy to make more money. There are many free and extremely cheap services which do apparently seem really attractive because of the cost, but on the back they make money by selling users’ privacy to advertisers and God knows who else. However, the low cost VPN providers we have chosen are completely safe and legit.

  • SurfShark $1.99/Month (2 Years Plan) 
  • Private Internet Access 2.91/Month (2-Year Plan)
  • NordVPN $3.49/Month (3-Year Plan)
  • PureVPN 2.49/Month (2-Year Anniversary Plan)
  • CyberGhost 2.75/Month (3-Year Plan)

Before we look at each of these and see what is there for users in the money they ask for, it is important that we clarify that these are not necessarily the best VPN services in the industry. But it does not mean that they are bad or not good enough. They are the best ones who give the best bang for the buck. However, if you want something out of this world and super superior, then you should check our best VPN services list which is based on performance, privacy, and everything else there is to evaluate.

Now we will see each of these best cheap VPN services and see how good of the bang they give for the buck of the users.

Private Internet Access

PIA VPN Prices

Private Internet Access is one of the most popular services among masses because of its truthfulness towards protecting users’ privacy and the affordable prices. It is one of the very few top tier VPN services which have made VPN extremely affordable for the common users by which they can keep their privacy protected on the web and enjoy the true freedom on the internet.

With the lowest price of $2.91 per Month in their 2-Year plan, they provide practically proven privacy protection along with decent performance. The speed it provides are not the fastest, but they certainly are decent enough to keep the users happy. In addition, PIA also allows users to download torrents which is a brave one from a provider who is based in the United States. Also note that PIA offers 3500+ VPN servers across 30 countries around the globe.


nordvpn pricing plan

NordVPN has the lowest price of $2.91 per month on their site, which might not seem cheapest to you, but trust us, they do give the best bang of the buck. Nord is a great all around VPN service which is regarded as one of the very best VPN services there are in the industry right now. So, keeping its reputation and performance in mind, the price of this VPN certainly is quite affordable.

NordVPN gives above average speeds for streaming, surfing, downloading or anything else. Its network of more than 5100+ servers is placed in 60+ different countries of the world. With that, NordVPN also offers 24/7 customer support, supports P2P file sharing, and ads and malware blocker along with all the important VPN features. So, keeping this into consideration, it certainly is one of the best affordable VPN.


Cheap VPN Service

Then comes PureVPN which is another popular service, not only for being so great for the privacy of its users. Still, it is a reputable and a decent service provider. PureVPN costs $2.49/Month in which they offer various great features which you would definitely like to have. It is a jam packed goodies VPN which gives a lot of features that only a very few providers can offer.

With every subscription of PureVPN, users can connect to any of the 750 servers in 140+ countries around the globe. In terms of countries, it has one of the largest, if not the largest, VPN network. In addition, PureVPN also offers ad blocker, supports P2P, 5 simultaneous connections, and 24/7 customer support along with some advanced features as add-ons for which users are required to pay extra.


Cheap VPN Service

CyberGhost is another well-known provider which has previously been really popular free VPN service. However, cyberghost premium plan also quite impressive with the lowest cost of $2.75/Month. It also provides several great features with the subscription, but it does not have various advanced features which some other great services provide.

CyberGhost has more than 2200 servers in 60+ countries across globe. It also offers ad and malware blocker along with 7 simultaneous connections. In addition, CyberGhost offers the best encryption like many other good VPN providers, but do not except a good speed, or at least do not compare it with other decent VPN providers.


So here’re our picks for you to choose the best cheap VPN for you which guess easy on your pocket and does wonders on the web for you. There certainly are cheaper VPN services than these services but trusting them is a bit of a difficult thing.