The Best VPN for China that Actually Work in 2020

last updated: 17 December 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

China is one of the most difficult places in the world when it comes to internet censorship and bypassing them. So, to access these and various other blocked sites, you need to bypass the Great Firewall and it takes a solid and best VPN for China to do so.

The technology used by Chinese government to put their strong censorship is known as the Great Firewall (GFW) which blocks access to even the very popular sites and services like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix and more.

Here, we will explain more about the Great Firewall and how to bypass it using the best VPN for China.

What is the Great Firewall of China?

The Great Firewall is a popular yet unofficial name given to the internet censorship in China. It is officially known as the Golden Shield Project and it restricts several websites to be accessed in China.

The ISPs are state-owned and Chinese government has restricted the internet traffic via these state-owned ISPs.

They do not only block or restrict the internet traffic but also monitors it.

To restrict the internet, Chinese use various methods including IP blocking, tampering with the DNS, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Keyword and URL Filtering, etc.

So, to bypass this GFW and access your desired popular sites in China you need the best VPN for China which still works there as China also blocks several VPNs as well.

Why you need a VPN for China?

As you know that many of the blocked website websites and services which restricts users from having a free internet and full access to information in China.

In addition, protecting your internet privacy is another important aspect which is essential in China because of the GFW.

So, we are going to explain top reasons to have the best VPN for China below.

Protect your Privacy

Chinese authorities do not only restrict but monitors the internet traffic and filters all the content which is against them.

It means that they keep an eye on everything you do on the web. So, to get your privacy back, you need the best VPN for China because a VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel and routes all the internet data through it.

This way, your internet activities remain private and nobody can track your internet data.

Unblock Sites and Services

This is one of the most wanted powers if you live in China because even the most popular sites and services including Facebook, Google, Netflix, Instagram and Twitter are blocked in China.

So, to unblock all these and more sites in China, a good working VPN for China comes handy.

It masks your IP address for complete anonymity and assigns you a new one of your desired location which helps you access any content which might be blocked in your region.

Defeat ISP Throttling

As the state owned ISPs monitor, restrict and filter the internet data of Chinese residents, they may also throttle the speed of their connection.

So in order to defeat the ISP throttling and get the best speed and experience on the web, especially for streaming, you need the best VPN for China.

It changes the route of the internet data and utilizes the secure tunnel for it. This way, users get the throttle free internet experience.

Bypass Great Firewall

To get around the restrictions imposed by Chinese authorities via their Golden Shield Project, you need to get your hands on the best VPN for China and get beyond all the restrictions of the Great Firewall.

A good China VPN helps you get through the GFW via the solid encrypted VPN tunnel without the GFW tracing it.

Best VPN for China

China is the trickiest place even for VPNs, especially after their recent crackdown against VPNs. SO, it takes the best of the best to beat GFW and get users access to all the blocked sites.

Most of the VPN services do not work in China and some which do are not too consistent.

So, you need the best working VPN for China and to help you choose, we have handpicked the following services which do work in China without hassle, disconnections, or speed issues.

ExpressVPN (Top Choice):

For China, ExpressVPN is the best choice from experts.

ExpressVPN has a reliable connection and offers fast speed and puts significant effort in making its VPN service work well in China.

Moreover, it offers great customer support service. It is one of the most respected and famous brands of VPN. Express VPN has been through several crackdowns in China and has successfully survived all of them.

It also offers 24/7 support service for its customers. It works really well with the desktop software and mobile applications including iPhone and Android in China.


This a good VPN to use by China’s internet users. NordVPN is a famous VPN provider for its customers all across the globe and it has extremely good reviews from its users.

Currently, NordVPN has paid greater attention to the VPN market in China. It software for desktop VPN provides a mystification method in order to unblock the Great Firewall in China.


It’s another good VPN for China internet users. VyprVPN provides Chameleon VPN which is a special VPN protocol which has been designed specifically for avoiding the VPN blockage in China due to the Great Firewall.

Moreover, VyprVPN offers customer service 24/7 to its users. Also, users in China must use VyprVPN’s premium plan as it includes Chameleon.

Also, another thing that must be focused on by the users of VyprVPN in China is that its best servers are in Japan, therefore, they must use them. VyprVPN also works well in US West Coast region.

So, these are the best VPNs for China which work like charm in China and helps users abroad to access Chinese content with ease and speed.

How to setup VPN for China?

It is extremely easy to setup a VPN for China, however, the tricky part is to get the providers’ sites opened without it.

In order to get the best VPN for China, we suggest that you try to get in touch with their sales agent or use a free proxy to get the reliable VPN for China.

To setup you only need to follow the steps given below and you will be all set in a matter of minutes.

  1. Get the best VPN into China from the list
  2. Download the VPN app, install it and login using your VPN credentials
  3. Now if you are in China then we suggest that you connect to the VPN servers in the US, UK or Canada, but you can connect to any other location as well
  4. If you wish to access Chinese content from abroad then you need to connect to the Chinese server

Once you connect vpn, you are all set. To double check your connection, open your browser and check your IP address.

Once confirmed, access your desired sites with ease as you are fully protected and free with the help of the best VPN for China.

Final Words

The Great Firewall is a huge pain for Chinese netizens and to bypass it, you need the best China VPN. You need to be sure that most of the VPNs do not work in China, so you must pick the one which does work. The ones mentioned in our list are the best VPNs for China and can help you get through the GFW with ease.