Get Ultimate Privacy with Multi-Hop VPN Chains

last updated: 11 March 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Good guys aren’t the only ones who are developing technologies to keep your privacy protected on the web.

The bad guys may have advanced more, technologically, to invade users’ privacy even if they are using their privacy tools.

So, in order to keep yourself truly protected on the web, you need to keep up with these advancements in technology.

One of these advancements for keeping your privacy protected in the use of multi-hop VPN chains.

In the simplest terms it is a chain connection to various VPN servers, which encrypts and re-encrypts user’s internet data on multiple servers before reaching to the destination site on the internet.

It strengthens the privacy of the user online due to the multi-hop chain. So, if you truly care about your privacy and wish to protect it with advanced technology then you should use a multi-hop VPN chain.

What are Multi-Hop VPN Chains?

You must have got the basic idea about what it is, but let’s dive deeper to understand this technology further.

A multi-hop VPN chain aka cascade is considered to be the maximum online anonymity tool due to the multiple hops i.e. VPN servers. We will explain the functionality using an example.

Imagine a user connecting to a VPN server located in New York. Now his connection is encrypted and his real IP address has been changed to the VPN IP address.

This is a single VPN connection. Now if we add a hop in it, say the user now connects to another VPN server in Moscow via the previous connection.

This time, his already encrypted connection is re-encrypted and his VPN IP is masked with a new Moscow VPN IP.

Now add another hop to it and this time the user connects to a VPN server in London. Now his two times encrypted connection is re-encrypted the third time with the second VPN IP being masked with the third London IP address.

This is a multi-hop VPN chain and when a user connects to the internet through this chain, it becomes bullet proof.

If any entity traces back user’s IP, they will get the VPN IP address which will take them back to another VPN IP address rather than the real IP address of the user.

In addition, adding multiple layers of encryption makes your data more secure. Even if they decrypt the first layer, they will get the encrypted data rather than the real activities of the user.

So, it certainly is very promising but let’s look at some VPN options for users regarding this.

What is a Double VPN?

Before we see some VPN providers with multi-hop chains. We need to walk you through this somewhat popular term ‘Double VPN’ which is used by some VPN providers.

double vpn

Double VPN is basically the chaining of two VPN servers using the same technique as explained above. This puts two layers of encryption and 2 different masking on IP address.

There are a handful of VPN providers which offer the Double VPN feature and the most notable of these are:

  1. NordVPN
  2. ibVPN
  3. Windscribe
  4. Surfshark
  5. Astrill VPN

These providers offer double VPN as a feature with their service and provide ease to users in using this technology for their protection.

However, these only provide two VPN servers chains. If you are looking for the chains of more than two VPN servers then you will have to go for another one.

Self-configurable multi-hop VPN

In order to use a self configurable multi-hop VPN, there is only one provider which offers this service i.e. Perfect Privacy.

They allow users to individually select the servers in the VPN chain which means that the users can create unique VPN chains.

You can use Perfect Privacy’s self-configurable VPN chains via the following methods:

  1. Windows VPN Manager app
  2. Linux VPN Manager app
  3. Mac OS app (BETA)
  4. NeuroRouting (explained below)

What is NeuroRouting?

NeuroRouting is actually the dynamic multi-hop VPN configurations and it is the latest development in multi-hop VPN chaining.

Perfect Privacy has launched this feature in October 2017 and it is quite innovative for the protection of users.

NeuroRouting allows users to have a dynamic multi-hop configuration which is used to simultaneously route the internet traffic across different server configurations within the network.

It helps users to route their internet data across multiple hops in the network of VPN servers. It automatically takes the most secure route for user’s data.

In addition, for each website server, the route is unique which makes the connection extremely secure because of various unique and simultaneous hops.

This way, the users’ information to any website’s server does not trace back to each other at all. So, this latest method for ultimate security is only available in Perfect Privacy.

We are sure that there would be more competitors to it soon, but for now they are the only ones with NeuroRouting and self-configurable multi-hop VPN chains.

Final Words

If you are one of many who actually do care about their privacy on the web and understand the threats to user’s privacy, then we assume that you already do use a VPN.

However, to make sure that your technology is advanced enough to stop all the third party entities from tracking or sniffing your internet data. For this, using a multi-hop VPN chain is the best option for you.

It helps users to have the security and privacy of multiple VPNs in at the same time. It creates a chain of VPN servers before user’s request reaches to the destination website server.

This does not only anonymize users on multiple levels but also helps their data to be more secure because of multiple layered encryption on it.

So, we hope that you have understood the functionality and significance of a multi-hop VPN chain and how they make you more secure on the web.

We are sure that it can actually help you to be super safe on the web online, which is of immense importance in today’s world due to obvious reasons. Stay safe!