Best VPN for Canada in 2020

published on: 28 February 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Confused about getting the right VPN for your daily use in Canada? Your problem seems viable but not hectic, and you can solve with the help of our guide on the best VPN for Canada.

We’ve seen the evolution of VPNs over the past couple of years from often hard-to-use pieces of software that require technical knowledge to those that anyone can use.

That said, there are still a lot of people in Canada who have never heard of a VPN, and then there are those who don’t think it’s necessary.

You will no doubt come across a lot of attractive options when scoping out VPNs. However, not all providers provide similar services. Here are the conditions I would like to follow for the best VPN for Canada in 2020:

  • Fast and reliable servers performance
  • Netflix compatibility
  • Should work in China
  • Offers easy to use apps
  • Based in privacy friendly jurisdiction (see my blog on 5, 9, and 14 eyes)
  • Able to unblock popular streaming services including American Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer
  • Exellent 24/7 live chat support
  • Strong privacy policies with no user-identifying logs
  • Allows P2P aka torrenting
  • Offers dedicated apps for all major platforms including Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, PlayStation and even routers.
  • Strong, up-to-date encryption standards
  • DNS leak protection

Based on the above mentioned criteria I have compiled the following list of 5 best VPN providers in Canada.

5 Best VPNs in Canada


Servers: 3000+ | Location: 90+ countries | Simultaneous connections: 5 | Avaialable on: MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and even Routers | Allows Torrenting: Yes | Unblocks Hulu, US Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer: Yes | No Log Policy: Yes | Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day


ExpressVPN is listed among the best privacy-related VPN solutions in Canada. Another reason for that is that they have Chrome and Firefox extensions. Additionally, it gives consumers in Canada impressive speeds, something we have reviewed and has been extremely impressed with.

Privacy Friendly Jurisdiction: Based in British Virgin Islands, according to its privacy statement. Which is a privacy friendly jurisdiction and there is no means for the Canadian Government to view information of any individual. That said, there are a few other features that make it worth considering for Canadians among the best VPNs.

Security: ExpressVPN takes Server and Security very seriously. The service uses OpenVPN and 4096-bit SHA-512 RSA keys to circumvent the censorship. AES-256-CBC is also used to safeguard any form of data alteration. So, even if that compromise was compromised by the internet connection, the data could not make sense.

Zero Log Policy: No logging details are maintained as no user logs are reported.

User-Friendly: The interface is user-friendly and easily accessible. There are no hard and fast procedures or rules; those who don’t have an idea what VPN is can access this also.

For value for money, we recommend ExpressVPN to Canadians because it’s easy to use; speed is fast, and there’s no connection like the way to free VPN services.

You can connect up to 5 devices maximum.  Besides, privacy-conscious users will be happy to learn that there is no way that any information about them can be disclosed to the government or accessed by hackers in the event of a breach since the company does not maintain logs.

In short ExpressVPN is the best VPN service in all over the world right now.

For more see my detailed ExpressVPN review


Servers: 1000+ | Location: 60+ countries | Simultaneous connections: Unlimited | Avaialable on: MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and even Routers | Allows Torrenting: Yes | Unblocks Hulu, US Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer: Yes | No Log Policy: Yes | Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day


Surfshark is new in town but not as new because it has been in the market for a year, and other VPNs were also introduced quite a few months ago. 

Among other reasons for compatibility and accessibility, the main reason why you should try Surfshark is its popularity among fans of Netflix, Disney Plus, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, Youtube, Hulu, and other streaming platforms.

Number of Servers: Around 1040+ servers in 61 countries, it may sound less as compared to others, but a newbie with this offering is promising. It gives you faster internet access over a wide range.

VPN Protocol And Encryption: Surfshark uses OpenVPN, IPSec & IKEv2; 256-bit AES encryption protocols, which are the best in the market right now.

This means that while using this provider your online privacy is completely secure from mass surveillance agencies and cyber criminals.

Logging option: It is quite a relief to get a start on the right track for such a young VPN service.

While most VPN services record the access, metadata, and websites you are accessing, Surfshark sets itself apart from the rest and does not report any IP addresses, browsing history, session information, used bandwidth, link time stamps, network traffic or any other user information.

User-friendly: You don’t have to be a computer expert or tech-savvy for the use. The application is very easy to operate.

Surfshark is a native of the Caribbean as a tech company. It is located on the sunny British Virgin Islands, in Tortola in particular, west of Puerto Rico.

Surfshark delivers good speeds, Netflix connectivity, and a large range of country connections. The Windows software is well-designed and intuitive enough. It has a user-friendly interface and simultaneously can be connected to unlimited devices.

It is good for streaming and, particularly Netflix, gets you encrypted for 24/7. It is overall an excellent choice for casual surfing and streaming. This is why, it is one of the best VPN Canada in 2020.

For more see my extensive Surfshark review


Servers: 5500+ | Location: 58 countries | Simultaneous connections: Six | Avaialable on: MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and even Routers | Allows Torrenting: Yes | Unblocks Hulu, US Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer: Yes | No Log Policy: Yes | Money Back Guarantee: 30-Day 


NordVPN is certainly one of the world’s most highly rated and arguably the best to circumvent censorship, commonly known as ‘King of Netflix’ among users.

Canadians should accept this option for a range of reasons, the most significant of which is the fact that the company is not located in any of the countries with “Five Eyes.”

Its headquarters in Panama ensure the company does not have to comply with the laws of the USA, the EU, or any other laws.

Large number of Servers: 5572 servers in over 58 countries make internet access more reliable with better privacy. And nationals of Canada may access free content that would otherwise not be permitted in Canada.

No logs: NordVPN is located in an area where no logs for online user activity can be obtained by either the US or Canada

Ad-blocking: An ad-blocking functionality is included too. There are two reasons why the function is significant. The first is that there are many advertisements that can be malicious, which means they can access your data. Second, advertising continues to drain significant Internet bandwidth.

Change of location: It only takes a single click to switch from one location to the next. Therefore, you have the ability to change positions every hour or two, which also makes tracking your actions difficult for an ISP. It also allows you to change locations and connect to websites that are available to a specific country.

Double VPN: By connecting to two consecutive VPN servers, the feature encrypts your data twice. Using AES-256-CBC, which is military-grade cryptography, it is encrypted every time. So, the data cannot be accessed even if the VPN server is hacked.

Well, there are several reasons why we strongly recommend NordVPN to whoever asks us. It’s relatively easy to use for starters. You can concurrently attach up to six devices to the facility. Rates across Canada are relatively consistent. Like numerous other VPN providers, there are no limits on bandwidth, and you can even share stuff from P2P or torrent. You can do all of this without the government watching.

For more see my detailed NordVPN review.


Servers: 5600+ | Location: 90 countries | Simultaneous connections: Seven | Avaialable on: MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and even Routers | Allows Torrenting: Yes | Unblocks Hulu, US Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer: Yes | No Log Policy: Yes | Money Back Guarantee: 45-Day


CyberGhost is one of the world’s leading VPN providers, but, for many reasons, it is of particular value to Canadians.

The app is simple to use; for example, it also provides a full range of advanced options. Not to mention the fact it’s very sensibly priced. That said, there are many other reasons for choosing CyberGhost VPN, we’re listing a few below.

Open VPN Support: CyberGhost supports OpenVPN protocol that is exceptionally secure across all platforms, i.e., Facebook, iOS, Macintosh, macOS, and Linux.

Number of Servers: CyberGhost comes with an impressive 3000 VPN server. The more VPN servers, this means the more versatile it is.

Logging: Like the others we mentioned, CyberGhost has a clear no-logging policy that is a crucial feature. Being based in Romania also means that it’s not part of the “Five Eyes” that Canada has an intelligence-sharing agreement with to make it a win for privacy for users.

We would strongly recommend the protection of CyberGhost VPN to any Canadian who desires to use a VPN service that works flawlessly through multiple devices in Canada. Because most Canadians have multiple devices with different operating systems, this one app will account for all their needs.

For more read my detailed CyberGhost review.

(PIA) Private Internet Access

Servers: 3000+ | Location: 32 countries | Simultaneous connections: Ten | Avaialable on: MacOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and even Routers | Allows Torrenting: Yes | Unblocks Hulu, US Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and BBC iPlayer: Yes | No Log Policy: Yes | Money Back Guarantee: 7-Day


Private Internet access is not a free VPN, as some assume, although it is certainly friendly to the budget. Canadian VPN customers will be thrilled to learn that it still provides most of the killer functionality synonymous with being anonymous with more expensive services, given its bargain price every month.

Compatibility: For Macs, Android, iOS devices, and Windows, PIA can be used. Since most Canadians possess mobility in multiple devices is welcome.

Logging: PIA also has a no-logging scheme, like the other VPNs in this series. That’s another aspect that Canadians will like particularly as the government is unable to subpoena information, so you’re anonymous.

Kill Switch: This may be among the best features, particularly for consumers who often miss or transfer Internet connections from the coffee shop to the workplace, as they often do. The app destroys the internet connection until it connects to the next one and is secure before it begins data transmission. The aim is to avoid data leaks.

Net-filter project: The app disables unauthorized internet connections and malicious software. This may be among the best features, especially as there is a growing concern about user-spying applications.

Having thoroughly checked its pace, contrasting its price, customer service, and functionality, we can trustfully recommend PIA to Canadians. We would consider PIA if you are on a deficit.

For more details see my Private Internet Access review.

Should I Use a VPN in Canada

Canada shares a fragment of’ Five Eyes,’ a collection of countries that have signed a privacy-infringing intelligence-sharing agreement with one another.

A large part of their exchange of knowledge is web events for men. Canadians need to be aware of the fact that their internet surfing, who they are writing, and what sites they are using can be readily scrutinized by ISP websites reporting directly to the government.

The same is true for hackers and others who might be involved in exploiting your personal data. Therefore, it’s so important to use the right VPN.

If the main reason you use a VPN is that you want to enjoy different forms of content without being hindered or filtered by the government, then your first preference of the VPN server should be the US provider.

You’ll be able to use a US-based IP address by using the US website, ensuring you’ll browse the web as if you were from the United States.

And what’s interesting about it is that you’ll get most of the world’s online entertainment since the US is the primary market for such entertainment, including film, TV series, sports, videos, books, and more. You’ll be able to open the door to a fantastic experience online.

Not only free content, but there’s also plenty of premium content that’s only available to US citizens. Netflix, for instance, isn’t available in many countries.

Also, even if Netflix is available in other countries, the selection of films you can watch is always lower than the films available in the U.S. Netflix service. Not just Netflix. There are hundreds of luxury digital services, which can only be used in the US.

By using the U.S.-based VPN app, you can access the best-paid streaming services in the world that are now open to you.

 You can access different websites that are not available in your region and access data from them. Like you can use YouTube without ads with different servers. You can also unlock premium features from websites.

Another feature is getting fast internet connection and performance with reliability. This will come handy while playing games; to avoid lags and have the best experiences, a good VPN is necessary.

Can I Unblock US Netflix, Amazon Fire TV, BBC iPlayer, HBO with a VPN in Canada?


In addition to privacy and security, VPN services offer a further valuable advantage: unblocking geo-blocked sites and services.

Once you log in to a VPN, the VPN service hides your true IP address. An IP address is an extraordinary string of numbers and decimals that can be used to identify and find specific devices.

For example, you can access information that is usually limited to US citizens by changing your IP address to the US.

This covers the Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, HBO Now, BBC iPlayer and Amazon Prime Video series collection in the United States.

Unfortunately, many of these isps catch on this technique and block access to VPN now. Only a handful of VPN providers can still unblock Netflix and especially Hulu.

ExpressVPN, NordVPN, PrivateVPN, and CyberGhost should unblock US Netflix and Hulu from the list, as mentioned earlier, as of writing time.

You may need to contact the customer support offered by the VPN provider to inquire which different servers to use because not all of them will override the VPN ban.

VPNs that should be used in Canada

There are a lot of Canada VPNs out there, and we can’t cover all of them, but in your search, you may have found a few that should definitely be avoided.

  1. TunnelBear 
  2. Speedify
  3. VPNBook
  4. Ivacy
  5. IPVanish
  6. CactusVPN
  7. HotSpot Shield


Are VPN legal in Canada?

Sure, in Canada, VPNs are 100 percent legitimate. There are no laws in any Canadian province which prohibit the use of a VPN.

What is the best free VPN in Canada?

The Best VPN can only be chosen through the criteria and features you want. There is no hard and fast rule for this. This article will help you to narrow down the list and pick up one.

How can I use VPN in Canada?

  • Get yourself registered with a VPN service. (one of the provided above)
  • Make sure your device has the VPN app.
  • Ensure that you are selecting servers that are based in Canada for your app.
  • Check if the geo-restricted content is now visible. In case it is not make sure that you have cleared your cookies. 
  • Now you can enjoy every content that you want with additional security. 

How much does a VPN cost in Canada?

The average VPN cost about $12.99; it depends on the quality and server you are using. There are providers at $7, too, but they are not for good use.

Do I really need a VPN?

A VPN is meant to protect your internet connection using a combination of tools designed to privatize your online activities. You can definitely always use a VPN even if there is no threat, but if you do not need it, why do the extra expense.

If you are under threat or suspicious activity is to be done or any threat to hack your password or any suspect that someone is monitoring, you. You can access the best VPN for Canada your safety.

Is VPN legal?

Each country has a different position on VPNs, and not everybody finds them to be beneficial. A handful of jurisdiction are currently either controlling or banning VPNs outright. Those include, naming a few: Burma, Taiwan, Iran, North Korea, Kuwait, Russia, and the U.A.E. Some impose laws on internet censorship, which makes the use of a VPN dangerous. Besides laws that vary from country to country, U.S. laws may vary from state to state. In some countries, VPNs are free to use by banks and businesses. Such actions are explained by governments as avoiding terrorism or criminal activity.

How much does ExpressVPN cost in Canada?

It’ll cost $12.95 for a monthly plan. A six-month subscription costs you $9.99 a month. A 12-month subscription costs $8.32 per month. As you can see, the longer you commit to a subscription, the less will be your monthly fee.


Digital VPN services and their servers aren’t ideal for anonymity, even the best ones out there, along with encryption. There is, for that matter, no device or program.

But they help create a pretty tough obstacle to the network against those engaging in mass surveillance.

Yeah, the government has supercomputers and highly talented programmers, but would they spy on you with that sort of resource? Not unless they are confident that something is essential to try. So, these tools, i.e., in a way Through making sure the data is not easy to pick, the right VPN service continues to act as a deterrent.