The Best VPN for Real Debrid in 2020 (Speed Up Downloading, Sharing & Streaming)

last updated: 23 December 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Private Internet Access tops the list of best VPN for Real Debrid since it has most IP addresses allowed, which means you can avail a server close to your location without being blocked.

Real Debrid is an ultimate service for downloading, sharing and streaming your favorite content at God speed. Though, to avail this service you need a VPN to make your online activities anonymous.

This is why I put 48 hours to find out which is the best Real Debrid VPN to use.

What is Real Debrid & Why You Need It?

In past few years, Real Debrid becomes so famous as it has the ability to integrate with one of the best streaming platform Kodi to enhance your binging experience to the next level.

Kodi allows you to stream your favorite content with the help of third part add-ons such as Exodus and Genesis.

These third party add-ons provide different online streaming channels by sorting them that still work in the form of links.

However, since Kodi is a free service, huge amount of streamers use this service all around the world.

Hence, most of the time when you try to watch any content on Kodi, chances are very low that you might get HD links that is not suffering from limited bandwidth issue or lot of buffering.

This is where Real Debrid comes in!

Basically Real Debrid is an unrestricted free multihoster that allows its users to get access of premium links to their favorite movie shows and movies.

With Real Debrid all the binge lovers can watch and download content at blazing fast speed. This means you won’t be facing any buffering problems depending on the speed of your internet.

How Real Debrid Works?

Real Debrid provides links to download and stream your content from an total of 56 supported hosts. These all are premium hosters including File Factory, Big4Shared, Mega, Data File, etc.

Actually, if you subscribe for these premium hosters, they will cost you so expensive. However, with Real Debrid you can avail all these premium hosters at cheaper rates and it makes easy to use them.

This is how Real Debrid works and becomes very popular among Kodi users.

Do I Need a VPN For Real Debrid?

According to Real Debrid official statement “they offer a service that is totally legal to use and they do not offer their users any illegal content.

However. they further stated that “we and our host could not be held responsible if you download this type of content through our services.”

This means that Real Debrid can’t be held liable in case of any legal issues. When you consider the fact that they charge for access to alternative sources that provide premium content, using a VPN with Real Debrid becomes more necessary than it seems.

Furthermore, if there is no such copyrights issues, the online world is full of dark entities from which you must keep your online activities anonymous.

Without a VPN, all of your online activities have been recorded by your government, ISP and the servers you used for browsing things on internet.

You can stream, download or share things securely and privately with the help of a VPN. Moreover, you can get the freedom from ISP throttling issue that has become the norm among ISP’s.

Which is the Best Real Debrid VPN?

Even the best VPN provider doesn’t work proficiently with Real Debrid. It means you need to choose a VPN very carefully that works best with Real Debrid.

real debrid vpn

Visiting Real Debrid official website is the best way to find out top VPN that has the most IP’s listed, which means you can get a server near you without any hassle.

The mentioned below screen shows “Private Internet Access” tops the list for best Real Debrid VPN followed by VPN secure, according to Real Debrid official website.

real debrid vpn

Note: The Real Debrid service also blocks IP addresses from several ISPs. In that case you need a reliable VPN provider to access Real Debrid.

PIA (Private Internet Access)

Private Internet Access or PIA is best VPN for Real Debrid. It is a great VPN with speedy servers at affordable price and most whitelisted IP addresses allowed.


  • Fast Servers for streaming
  • Affordable
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Offers 3000+ servers in 30 countries and 50 locations
  • Strong encryption
  • No leaks detected
  • Works with Netflix


  • Located in the US
  • Limited “Live Chat”

Conclusion – Which VPN is Best for Real Debrid?

Well there is no doubt that PIA  has the most servers allowed for Real Debrid. However, when it comes to streaming, downloading and sharing, in my opinion servers speed matters more than anything.

And in my Real Debrid VPN testing, VPN Secure servers comparatively slower than PIA servers.

This is why I highly recommend PIA due to its fast servers for streaming with strong data encryption that make all your online activities private.