10 Best Black Friday VPN Deals 2020 – Get up to 85% discount

last updated: 09 April 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Let’s find out the best VPN deals which you can get right now. I know there is still time left for the Black Friday VPN deals sale, but what if i tell you that at BestVPNGuru you have a opportunity to grab the best VPN discounts without waiting for the main event. 

So without any further delay lest dive into top Black Friday VPN deals in 2019. 

I have managed to find the best VPN Deals available in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and worldwide. You can check them out below.

TL;DR-Top 10 Black Friday VPN Deals in 2020

There is still time in black Friday officially arrives. But that is no excuse for you to not save money on VPN providers.

You can check out the various VPN coupons we have listed on our site which we update from time to time. For the time being there are two our favorite VPN deals that are available.

  1. Get 85% Off SurfShark VPN ($1.77/month)
  2. 83% Off NordVPN plus 3 months free ($3.49/month)
  3. 52% Off Private Internet Access ($3.33/month)
  4. Get 49% Off ExpressVPN ($6.67/month)

Here are top 10 Black Friday VPN Deals for everyone:

1. SurfShark – Black Friday VPN Deal [$1.77/mo]

Surfshark Black Friday Deals

SurfShark is a new provider in the market and its offering the season’s biggest discount. You can get the two year plan + three months free for just $47.76, which lowers down the monthly price from $1.99 to $1.77. SurfShark has an amazing service and we have covered everything about it on our SurfShark Review.

Get SurfShark VPN Deal

2. NordVPN – Black Friday Deal [83% OFF]

nordvpn BF deal

The biggest deal on NordVPN which is still going strong is their 39 months plan. NordVPN is offering this exclusive deal at the price as low as $3.49 per month. In total it would be $125.64 for the whole three years. With this NordVPN coupon deal, the users can save 83% on NordVPN if they avail this deal and also get NordLocker app absolutely free. You can see my NordVPN Black Friday deals extensive review.

Get NordVPN Deal

3. Private Internet Access VPN Deal [52% OFF]

PIA VPN deal

Private Internet Access is one of the most affordable services and it would not be wrong if we say that it is the cheapest one in the top tier. With all this, PIA is offering yearly plan which costs $3.33  per month only. The full price of this yearly plan is $39.95. Additionally it comes with the seven days money guarantee which is the cherry on the top. This PIA coupon deal certainly is one of the best deals which are available right now.

Get Private Internet Access Deal

4. ExpressVPN – Black Friday Deal [49% OFF]

expressvpn deal

The first and the foremost deal is offered by ExpressVPN where they are offering 3 months of extra service for free with a yearly plan. In terms of savings, it is a 49% discount, which is really decent ExpressVPN coupon discount. This ExpressVPN coupon deal is exclusive and it is available on ExpressVPN’s website. The total price of this deal is $99.95 for 15 months of ExpressVPN. It certainly is better than ExpressVPN’s 2 year deal which made a good impact in the past.

Get ExpressVPN Deal


5. IPVanish VPN Deal – [$3.25/mo]

IPVanish Pricing Plan

IPVanish is offering whooping 73% discount deal on its yearly plan. It is pretty big IPvanish coupon deal, which cuts down the price from $11.99/month to $3.25/month and $39 in total. This VPN deal has all the features and offerings that IPVanish has for all the premium users and it does not require any IPVanish promotional code.

Get IPVanish Deal

6. VyprVPN – Black Friday VPN Deal

VyprVPN Pricing Plan

VyprVPN is offering 81% discount on its two year plan and 71% discount on its one year plan. This lowers down the price from $12.95/month to $2.75/month and $60 in total for its two years subscription.

And if you subscribe for its one year plan, the Black Friday discount will lower down the price from $12.95/month to $3.75/month and $45 in total.  

Get VyprVPN Deal

7. CyberGhost Black Friday Deal [$2.75/mo]

CyberGhost Pricing Plan

CyberGhost also offers a great VPN deal that is under $3 a month on its three years subscription. In total the cost of this VPN discount is $99 for 36 months subcription.

The exact per month cost of CyberGhost via this VPN coupon is $2.75 a month. However, the users will have to pay a onetime payment of $99 to avail its Black Friday discount. It indeed is great VPN discount by CyberGhost.

Get CyberGhost VPN Deal

8.ProtonVPN Deal – [$3/mo for 2 Years]

ProtonVPN Black Friday Deals

ProtonVPN is offering upto 50% discount on its one year and two year plan. The users need to use the VPN discount code i.e. “bestdeal” before checking out. 

On this Black Friday, you can save 40% on its two years standard subscription,  which lowers down the price from $12/month to $3/month and $72 in total. 

Get ProtonVPN Deal

9. SaferVPN Deal – [$2.50/mo]

SaferVPN pricing plan

SaferVPN is offering a gigantic 81% discount which makes the monthly price of the service as low as $2.50 a month. However, it is a three years plan and the amount charged would be $89.99 for 3 years, as a onetime payment. This is another big VPN discount that you can consider.

Get SaferVPN Deal

10. HideMYAss VPN Deal – [$1.99/mo]

Hide My Ass Pricing Plan

HideMyAss or HMA is offering a plain 83% discount on its yearly plan. The Black Friday VPN deals by HMA cuts down the price from $11.99/month to $1.99/month and the total bill of $23.88 for straight 12 months.

This discount by HMA is an exclusive discount on the yearly plan, rather than offering huge lifetime VPN deals.

Get HMA Deal

Black Friday VPN Deals on Reddit

The top VPN deal on Reddit right now is SurfShark VPN deal which has a 85% discount for the users. In addition, a VPN discount by Windscribe is also a good VPN deal we saw on Reddit. Windscribe is offering this lifetime deal via Stacksocial.

It is “Windscribe VPN deals: Lifetime Pro Subscription for $29.40, 3 years for $13.50, 5 years for $24 and 1 year for $11.40 at Stack Social”. This VPn deal for lifetime is just like other VPN lifetime deals that StackSocial offers. This one requires a VPN discount coupon as well i.e. “WINDSCRIBESD40”. (link:

Another Reddit VPN deal is by ProtonVPN which is offering 2-Years subscription at $79.99. It is indeed a big VPN discount, however, it is not one of the bests we have seen. In this offer, the yearly plan is priced at $59.99. Considering this, the 2 years plan in this VPN deal is worth considering, if you are a proton fan.

Cyber Monday VPN Deals

Just hang in there for the best Cyber Monday VPN deals, like we are. We will bring you the best Cyber Monday deals offered by all the top VPN providers. You will get everything here and to help you choose the biggest discounts on your favorite VPN provider we will publish all these crazy Cyber Monday VPN deals and Cyber Monday VPN coupons right here. So stay tuned!

Still didn’t get your fill? We have many more VPN deals coming this week. So bookmark this page and check it out on 16th of November.