Crunchyroll VPN: Access Anime and Manga Full Library

last updated: 03 March 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

The access to the full library of Crunchyroll is only available in the US and the fans living outside the US only get a few titles from the library to enjoy. It does not matter whether the users are enjoying Crunchyroll free or using the premium version, the full library is not available in all countries. So, in order to enjoy the full library, you need a Crunchyroll VPN. We are going discuss about why you need one and which ones are the best VPN for Crunchyroll.

The love for anime and manga is unconditional and for all those who have the love knows well about Crunchyroll. It is a streaming platform where all the anime and manga are available for users to enjoy. It claims to have more than 40 million registered users and over 1 million subscribers which make it a very large community. Crunchyroll is a free platform where users can enjoy their favorite anime and manga, along with other East Asian TV shows, music and movies.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is mainly a streaming platform which has the largest library of anime, manga, and other East Asian entertainment content. It boasts to have more than 40 million registered users in the community and more than 1 million subscribers. It has two different plans, free and premium, where users can enjoy their favorite anime and manga.

crunchyroll vpn

The premium version offers uninterrupted ad free streaming in HD quality, along with simulcast Japanese content after an hour of the initial broadcast from Japan. It costs $6.95 per month and it is pretty promising considering the fact that Crunchyroll offers the largest library of anime and manga series on the web.

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Although it is a brilliant site to keep up with anime and manga, it does not offer access to the full library in all countries of the world. It is because of the content owners’ geographic restrictions on content, which restricts users around the globe to stream anime on Crunchyroll. To get around these geo restrictions, a good cheap VPN for Crunchyroll comes really handy. Let’s look at the functionality of a Crunchyroll VPN in the next section.

Why do you need a VPN for Crunchyroll?

So, now that you know why you get the message Sorry, due to licensing limitations, videos are unavailable in your region”, the best way out of it is to get a VPN for Crunchyroll. The full access to the library of Crunchyroll is available in the United States and in order to access the full library, you need to be in the United States.

That’s what a VPN helps you do. You can appear online from any location on earth using a good VPN because it masks your IP address to make you anonymous online and assigns you a new IP address of your desired location. In addition, VPN also creates an encrypted VPN tunnel and routes all the internet data via this secure tunnel to keep your privacy completely protected.

So, in order to access the full library of Crunchyroll while keeping your privacy fully protected on the web, you need to use the best VPN for Crunchyroll. But you have to make a sound choice, because all VPN services are not good enough. So, we have evaluated a few best ones to help you choose in the next section.

Best Crunchyroll VPN

You must have seen many free VPN services and some of them are quite popular as well. It is not that these services are not functional; some of them are actually decent. But, one of the primary reasons for using a VPN is to protect your privacy on the web. So, it is difficult to trust most of the free VPN services because they certainly do need money to at least keep the services up and running. If these are not taking any money from the users, then it gets a little fishy to think how actually they are making money.

Some of the free services have been found to make money out of users’ data and connections. This makes it difficult to trust these free services. On the other hand, even many of the premium services are also not up to the mark because of their logging policies and speeds. Speed is exceptionally important for a decent streaming experience because unblocking is only the first part of it.

Keeping all these things in consideration, we have evaluated many top VPN services and handpicked the following to be the best Crunchyroll VPN.

  1. SurfShark (Cheapest option)
  2. ExpressVPN (best but bit costly)
  3. NordVPN (affordable 3 year plan)

So, now you can easily make your choice of the best Crunchyroll VPN from this list. Now in the next section we will guide you about how you can use a VPN to access the full library of Crunchyroll from any location on earth.

Crunchyroll VPN Ban

There is a downside to all of this, Crunchyroll has started blocking VPN services just like Netflix. It is because they don’t want the users to circumvent the regional restrictions imposed by their content partners as its against their Terms of services. If you ask me that is unfair, people in Japan can’t access most of the popular anime like Naruto and One Piece. This why people resort to using VPN’s to access the US library which has the most shows.

Crunchyroll has now started blocking VPN providers which leaves fans to either pirate or find another way. Since I do not endorse pirating I will tell you about how to bypass the Cruncyroll VPN ban.

Most people use a VPN to access cruncyroll outside USA and since Cruncyroll has been blocking VPN providers’ USA IP pool you can use the same VPN to access Crunchyroll via Mexico Ip. This will help you get through the Geo-restrictions and enjoy the complete library USA has to offer.

There are some other tips that you need to keep in mind just in case you have avoid the Crunchyroll vpn ban.

  1. Change the Time and location to the server you have connected to and disable the location setting.
  2. Clear browser cache and switch the server
  3. Don’t use the VPN extension and install the VPN app on your OS

VPN providers that I’d recommend are:

  1. NordVPN (Read our Nordvpn review)
  2. SurfShark (Read our Surfshark review)
  3. ExpressVPN (Read our ExpressVPN review)

Is Crunchyroll Down?

Answer: Sadly there isn’t anything you can do if Crunchyroll down except wait. You can check its status on you will get notified once its back up again.

Why Crunchyroll Private Messages Disabled?

Answer: Unfortunately, private message option has permanently disabled for everyone. There is no clear announcement from last year, though they initially disabled it for temporarily but didn’t take any action after that.


So, this is how easy it is to use the best VPN for Crunchyroll and access the full library. We hope that you have found this to be helpful and we actually have made it easier for you to choose the best Crunchyroll VPN. Please do share your experiences with us about our guide as we love to hear from you.