ExpressVPN China Server: Do they have one?

last updated: 15 January 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

ExpressVPN, along with VyprVPN and NordVPN have been our top pick for the best VPN for China. But if you are looking to access a Chinese Server while living anywhere outside China then unfortunately you are out of luck.

ExpressVPN does not have a server in China which will restrict you from accessing Chinese content. However they do have a few servers in Hong Kong which can help you access some Chinese Sites.

ExpressVPN China Server

You can visit Expressvpn’s server page for more information.

View ExpressVPN Servers

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How to access and download ExpressVPN in China?

The Chinese government is continuously cracking down various VPN services sites in China. As you already know that using a VPN is illegal in China unless authorized by the government.

The Great Firewall in China makes it impossible to download a good VPN in China because of their crackdown.

If you are an iOS user and are going to travel to China, we suggest that you download ExpressVPN or any other VPN provider you before you travel. Here is our guide to Sign up ExpressVPN easily.

App Store won’t let you download ExpressVPN once you are in China. You can still download the app on Android, Windows and Mac.

If for one reason or the other you are unable to access download ExpressVPN or want to access their website in China you can do via this link:

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN services out their in the market and it is known for its strong encryption.

You won’t have to worry about anything once you have connected to the internet in China through ExpressVPN.

You can access all your favorite websites in China without any trouble as all of your traffic will be encrypted.

If you are looking for a Chinese IP then unfortunately ExpressVPN does not provide a Chinese IP therefore you will have to look elsewhere if you want to get a VPN into China.

If you want to read more on why we recommend ExpressVPN in China and for overall usage, then check out our ExpressVPN review or redditor’s reviews for Expressvpn.

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