7 Fastest VPNs for Any Purpose – Speed Tests (Updated 2020)

last updated: 23 December 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Choosing the right VPN for you certainly is tricky task as you have to keep many factors in account before getting one, especially for a longer period.

One of the most significant factors is speed, because if your VPN gives you speed which makes you feel that sloths are fast then no matter how secure they are, you would hate it!

So, to help you on that factor, we have tested all the major VPN providers to see which are the fastest VPN services.

You will also find the fastest VPN for streaming and torrenting which are two of the most important purposes of getting a VPN.

Also, we have also evaluated the fastest VPNs for Android as well so you don’t have troubles while you are on the go. So now let’s get straight to the hard numbers and see which are the speedy VPNs!

Fastest VPNs of 2020

To find out the fastest VPNs among all the available ones, we conducted speed tests on two locations for each provider, US and UK.

Also, we added the speed tests by ThatOnePrivacyGuy and Fastest VPN Guide to compare our results with theirs and see which actually are the fastest VPN providers.

For our own tests, we used the network with download speed of 60 Mbps, upload speed of 10 Mbps, and average ping of 15 ms. We will also add the results at the time of test without using any VPN.

  1. ExpressVPN

In our evaluation, ExpressVPN impressed greatly as it is a great contender to be noted as the fastest VPN. You can see it in the table below that how well ExpressVPN performed.

Fastest vpn

Apart from being the fastest VPN, it also provided the reliable connection. To compare the results, we analyzed the speed test by Fastest VPN Guide and here are their results.

ExpressVPN fastest vpn

ExpressVPN fastest vpn

ExpressVPN fastest vpn

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN proved to be a solid contender when it came to the fastest VPN providers as it also had a reasonable difference in speed from the speed of local network. Here’re the results.

fastest vpn nordvpn

To analyze the test even more, we compared our results with That One Privacy Guy’s speed tests and here are his results.

fastest vpn


  1. IPVanish

IPVanish too is a good service provider and it also gave great speeds which made it land on the third spot in the list of fastest VPNs. Here’re the results of IPVanish.

fastest vpn ipvanish

For this, we compared the speed test by That One Privacy Guy and here’re his results.

fastest vpn

  1. VyprVPN

Another great provider that gives great speeds and on forth among the speedy VPNs is VyprVPN. Here’s what we found with VyprVPN.

fastest vpn vyprvpn

It certainly is not bad and to double check our analysis we again compared it with the speed test by That One Privacy Guy.

fastest vpn VyprVPN

  1. PureVPN

PureVPN is another reputable service which also made its way to our list of rapid VPN service providers. Here’s what speed PureVPN offered us.

fastest vpn purevpn

To compare our results with another one to double check, we borrowed the result from Fastest VPN Guide and here’re their results.

fastest vpn purevpn fastest vpn purevpn

  1. Private Internet Access

PIA also made it to our list, but we expected it to be a little higher. Here’s why it didn’t rank higher among the fastest VPN providers.

fastest private internet access

Here’s what Fastest VPN Guide found in their speed tests.

fastest vpn Private internet access fastest vpn Private internet access fastest vpn Private internet access

  1. CyberGhost

Lastly, we have CyberGhost which is one of the most popular VPN providers and well known for its free version around the globe. Here’s the speed test results of CyberGhost.

fastest vpn cyberghost

To compare we went again to the Fastest VPN Guide and here’re there results.

fastest vpn cyberghost

So, ExpressVPN, NordVPN and IPVanish are top three among the seven fastest VPN providers with speed test results. Now we will move to find out which is the fastest VPN for streaming.

Fastest VPN for Streaming

We tested all the services for streaming purposes and we did not include any of the capabilities of unblocking sites and streaming services into account.

The winner for the fastest VPN for streaming is ExpressVPN with a close margin from NordVPN.

The cherry on top is that ExpressVPN is one of best VPN provider which helps unlock any site and service from anywhere including the US Netflix.

Now the pricing of ExpressVPN is understandable as many regard it as the most expensive VPN service in the industry.

Fastest VPN for Torrenting

When it comes to P2P and torrenting, many users face difficulties with the download and upload speeds.

In this evaluation, again ExpressVPN proved to be the fastest VPN for torrenting thanks to its optimized servers for P2P and over performance which makes it a decent and fastest VPN for torrenting and streaming which are two of the most common purposes of using a VPN.

However, the remaining ones are not too bad either. The difference in a couple others and our winner for fastest VPN for streaming is very small.

Fastest VPN as per Reddit

Now it is sort of like people’s opinion and for that what’s better than reddit. So we tried and analyze which is the fastest VPN as per Reddit i.e. the people and we have tie on this.

It is ExpressVPN and NordVPN which seems to be preferable for people on Reddit rather than other VPN service when it comes to choose the fastest VPN.

Although, PIA has a good share of voice on Reddit but it is not mainly for the speed. The interesting thing here is that if we rank the remaining ones from our fastest VPNs list then there is not a lot of difference in positions even on Reddit.

Fastest Free VPN

Before we share our results for fastest free VPN, we would like to notify that free is not always, in fact most of the times, good, especially when it comes to choose a VPN.

Still, there is only one VPN service which have the popular free version i.e. Windscribe and certainly it is the fastest free VPN among others because even the free version of a few other providers is very limited.

Please do keep in mind that it is not the free trial we are talking about.

Fastest Android VPN

Using VPN on mobile is another significant factor which users now take into account before choosing a VPN and with that, speed on the mobile matters a lot.

This in particular depends a lot on the app as well as the overall performance of the VPN service. So the fastest VPN for Android is ExpressVPN, mainly because of its great app and the overall brilliant network speed.

ExpressVPN is an all-around great VPN service and is the fastest Android VPN which justifies the high cost it has.

Fastest VPN Protocol

When we talk about the fastest VPN protocol, then many who are ware brings in PPTP which really is the fastest VPN protocol, however, the reason for it being fast is the fact that it does not have any encryption. *Comic book reference alert* What if Flash has gotten the speed like he has but he does not have endurance?

This is exactly why we place OpenVPN over PPTP even in the place as the fastest VPN protocol because it sure is fast but is also very secure and puts users in no risk, unlike PPTP.

There are several great providers which offer OpenVPN but on the basis of the speed test, it is again ExpressVPN as we did all the tests on OpenVPN.