Free VPN

Who on earth does not like free stuff? Everyone! but do you know the actual cost of a product you use for free? Its more than the what you would actually pay for.

We all know that saying that there is no free lunch which means someone has to pay for it. Same is the case is with the free VPNs.

Before we disclose our handpicked best VPN services for your ease, we would like to make it clear that we recommend using a premium user which ensures your privacy.

Let’s continue from where we left off in the previous paragraph. So, if you get a free VPN service then who pays for it?

The service provider apparently, but even if it is paying for a free service for you convenience then what’s the catch?

VPN is considered as a one-stop solution for a lot of problems that you encounter online nowadays. It can be used for increasing security, hiding your online browsing activities, and to provide you access to the websites that are blocked in your geographic region.

If the world of VPN is new to you, then you might be willing to try a free VPN first.

Before you plan on making an investment in the premium plans offered by different VPNs.

There are various options that are present currently in the market, but before actually selecting the best free VPN, you as a user must identify the issue that you are willing to resolve by using a certain VPN.

Best Free VPN Services

Now that you have understood the risks of using free VPN services, we have evaluated many and handpicked the following five which can still be used for better performance than other free VPNs. Let’s look at the best free VPNs briefly below.


Windscribe is comparatively new in the free VPN scene, but it certainly is among the best free VPN services. windscribe VPN review

The main reason is its generous data cap i.e. 10GB and its commitment to protect the privacy of the users.

Similar to Tunnelbear, Winsdcribe too has a premium service which can get you access to more Windscribe servers and unlimited bandwidth, but you can also increase your bandwidth by tweeting about Windscribe. How’s that for a top notch free VPN? Check out our Windscribe Review


ProtonVPN is VPN service that is being backed by the popular ProtonMail. They prides themselves for their security and anonymity and even though ProtonVPN is free they still hold up to the secure and anonymity bargain. ProtonVPN Review

Unlike other Free VPN services, They do not impose any bandwidth limitation. Free Users can use as much data as they want but they can only use one device and 3 locations. This gives the paid plan enough incentive over the Free Plan and we know for a fact that a lot of users switch to the paid plan once they have experienced ProtonVPN’s service. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. You won’t have to worry  accessibility when it comes to ProtonVPN. Check out our ProtonVPN review.


Tunnelbear: a well known name in the industry and it easily is the best free VPN service out there.

The best thing about Tunnelbear, apart from its amazing design, is that it is the best free VPN for windows, android, and PCs.

However, it only offers 500MB of data every month to all the free users. So, you certainly cannot use it at all times.

But if you are looking for good privacy on a particular occasion, then you can rely on Tunnelbear.

Hotspot Shield

The free version of Hotspot Shield is another best free VPN service with a 500MB cap on daily usage limit. It is one of the most popular free VPNs for Windows and PC to use as free.

You cannot expect a brilliant performance in terms of speed, but it surely can help you to done your work.

Due to the limited bandwidth, you would not consider it to be the best free VPN for torrenting, but it sure does protect your privacy.

Like all the other best free VPN services, too offer paid and free services. However, in the free service 2GB is your monthly data cap.

The free service has three server locations and one device limit for the usage. But, is pretty good when it comes to the protection of your privacy.

It is also compatible with various devices running popular platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac OSX.


It is another good free VPN service which is mainly aimed at providing decent speed while protecting users’ privacy and giving them the taste of true internet freedom.

Speedify has the feature to automatically combine your internet connections, Wi-Fi or 4G, for better speed.

Even if you do not have a 4G connection, they still claim to speed your connection up with their turbocharging technology.

Speedify makes all of its servers available for free users which are normally available for the paid users, but the Free users only get 4GB of data in the first month and becomes 1GB data limit for the next months.

Users Beware: Free VPN services

It certainly is possible that the free VPN service provider is paying for the service so that you can have more convenience without spending a single penny for a service which can cost up to $100 for a yearly subscription.

It sounds too good to be true and it really is not true. There are two major types of free VPN services, freemium and unlimited free VPNs. This is the catch!

The freemium VPN services are quite logical as it is a great marketing strategy. They actually tend to get your attention with their free but limited service so you can be impressed, which improves the chance of actually paying for the service.

So, they make money from paid users of the service and to get more users, they have a limited version of their service that they offer in free package.

The unlimited free VPN services too need money to at least keep the service going. Where does that money come from?

It too comes from you, but the difference is that you do not apparently pay to them for the service; they get the money out of you by selling your data, mainly to the advertisers.

Additionally many unlimited free VPN services spread malware that everybody know well in industry.

So, when it comes to free VPN services, it is way better to go for a limited freemium VPN service rather than the unlimited free VPN services, unless you really do not care about your private data at all and protecting your privacy is not even a concern for you.

Still, there are some best free VPN services which are pretty good in performance, speed and unblocking. So, let’s look at these services now.

Most of the best VPN providers offers a free version for their product that has the same features, but the might support advertisements or offer a limited bandwidth. Most of the people consider to use free vpn to solve their solutions.

How to Select best free VPN for yourself

If you want to compare few vpn softwares then you need to have a look on some features before you actually decide on your free VPN for Windows or Mac device.

(1) if a company does not have a server present in your geographical location, you must rethink to opt for this specific software. Moreover, you must also focus on how that product provides you ease.

Some of the free VPN providers can offer various features, such as free VPN proxy, but a higher level of technical abilities is needed.

(2) Another aspect that must be focused on is to know if the VPN maintains a record of browsing logs and traffic of its users. If the anonymity and security is the major con

logging policy and also has a high-end encryption for the part of the software that it provides. There are a number of free VPNs for Mac, therefore, if you own an Apple computer. It is important the free VPN you choose supports your device’s operating system.


So, if you are willing to go for a free service, then you know which actually are the best free VPN services.

Definitely there are data caps in all of these, but these surely do protect your privacy rather than selling your private data to make money in exchange of giving the free VPN service.

We hope that you found it informative and you will avoid the shady free VPN services for which you are the product rather than they being that for you.

Do share your experience about the best free VPN services we mentioned here with us.