How to Watch Stan Outside Australia in 4 Easy Steps

last updated: 10 June 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Stan is a streaming service that is rivaling Netflix in Australia. It streams all the best TV Shows and Movies for the Australian audience. It costs a mere 10 AUD which is cheaper then Netflix.

Stan has more content available for Australian then Netflix Australia. Unfortunately, Stan is Geo restricted for outside Australia. This means that you won’t be able to watch Stan outside Australia or traveling abroad. Luckily, you can unblock Stan with a VPN that has an Australian IP same as you can get American Netflix in Australia. I’ll guide you how to do it step by step.

How to Watch Stan Outside Australia with a VPN

Answer: Follow the simple steps to watch Stan outside Australia, US, UK, New Zealand or overseas.

  1. Get a VPN that has an Australian IP. (We recommend SurfShark).
  2. Select the Australian Server from list.
  3. Log on to website.
  4. Now watch Stan outside Australia and enjoy your favorite shows.

We have list down the VPN for you that have Australian servers IPs to watch Stan outside Australia.

Best VPN to Watch Stan Overseas

Here are best 4 VPN to watch Stan Overseas:

1 – SurfShark VPN (Cheapest Stan VPN).

2 – NordVPN (best VPN for Stan).

3 – ExpressVPN (Highly recommended Stan VPN).

4 – Private Internet Access (Top VPN for Stan).

I have already answered “How to watch Stan outside Australia” but there are many other Queries on the Internet regarding Stan and its availability in different regions.

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Is Stan available in the New Zealand?

Answer: Unfortunately no, but you can still watch Stan Australia in New Zealand with VPN and by choosing Australian server IP through your VPN.

Can I watch Stan Overseas?

Answer: Unlike Netflix, Stan is only available in Australia. You cannot access it if you are traveling or living outside Australia. Using a VPN is the best option for you to access it outside Australia.

How much does Stan costs per month?

Answer: Stan offers three pricing tiers, Basic plan which costs $10, Standard plan which costs $12 and a Premium plan which costs $15.

How much does Stan costs per month.

Is Stan available in the UK?

Answer: No, Stan is not available in the UK. To access Stan streaming in UK you need a VPN that offer Australian IP. We recommend Surfshark VPN to get Australia IP addresses at low cost.

Is Stan International?

Answer: No, Stan is exclusively available for its viewers in Australia.

How to watch Stan in the US?

Answer: Stan is Geo restricted and only accessible from Australia. However you can watch Stan in the US with VPN by using Australia IP. Surfshark VPN is the cheapest option to get Stan in USA.

Does Stan has Game of Thrones?

Answer: Yes, Stan does have all the previous seasons of Game of Thrones but you won’t be able to watch the series finale as its only available on HBO.