Nordvpn Fastest Server: Which Server provide high speed in 2020?

last updated: 17 December 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Which is NordVPN’s Fastest Server?

A lot of readers have asked me that which is Nordvpn fastest server? The answer is simple. The server that is closest to your location is the fastest.

When people usually ask this question what they mean is “how can they get the maximum download speeds with a VPN?”. You need to understand one thing, a VPN will never give you the same speeds as you would get when you connect with out a VPN.

nordvpn fastest server

The reason behind is simple, VPN encrypts your data and re-routes you from a different server. Think about it this way, you are at location A and you want to get to location B but if you would take a detour to get to position B, it would take you longer.

The definition of the fastest server depends on user to user. Two users connecting to the same server at the same time may experience different download speeds. This may be because of the geographical location, server load, network traffic, vpn protocols being used and level of encryption.

When a VPN provider makes a claim that it is the fastest VPN service in the world, this should be taken with a grain of salt.

Instead of asking “which is NordVPN’s fastest server”, the question should be “which Nordvpn server is the fastest for me?”. You will need to run tests of your own, you can take advantage of the money back guarantees that almost every VPN service offers.

NordVPN fastest server for you would depend on the location you are located and the location of the content you are trying to access. If you are living somewhere in Australia and you want to get American Netflix in Australia then you will have to choose a VPN that has a lot of servers in the USA.

Try to choose the server which has good latency. If location is not really an issue and you want to use your VPN just for its encryption then choose the server location that is nearest to you.

The Answer

Like I have mentioned before, that there is no such thing as the fastest VPN. The speed of the VPN varies from user to user. But if you would still like to see which VPN has the best speeds then you should check out our Fastest VPN blog.

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