NordVPN Free Trial: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Still Available

last updated: 20 November 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

NordVPN being the best VPN service gets a lot of attention and its no surprise that users look for ways to try this VPN service out. Even though NordVPN offers 30-Days Risk free Money back guarantee there is a lot demand for the NordVPN free Trial . And I don’t blame people for trying out a service before committing in to a lengthy subscription.

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Does NordVPN have Free Trial?

Updated: NordVPN has announced to end its free trial because of scammers. But the good thing is their 30 days money back guarantee still there to get refund easily.

So, how long does this free trial lasts for? It lasts for 30 days, for 30 days you can try out NordVPN’s complete service. They won’t block anything, they give you complete access to their service. This means that there are no bandwidth limits, server limitation or any other missing feature.

Most of the other VPN services, when they offer free trials they put server restrictions and bandwidth caps and in turn they offer a longer trial period. But in my opinion you can’t really test a service out properly if you have restricted access. When you signup for NordVPN you are treated like a payed customer.

You get access to 5000+ servers in 59 countries, p2p sharing, unlimited streaming, Netflix unblocking capabilities, double VPN, Kill Switch and other features. Needless to say that the Nord VPN risk free trial offers much more than what other VPN providers trial period.

We have covered everything there is to know about NordVPN in our review.

How to get Nord VPN Free trial in 3 Quick Steps

1. Head on to the Nord VPN free trial page and enter your Email Address.

2. Check your inbox for an email from NordVPN and click on “Set Password and Activate Account”

3. After you have set your password download the app and enjoy NordVPN risk free trial for 30 days.

And that is it, you get to try out NordVPN trial completely free!

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What happens when your NordVPN Risk-Free Trial is over?

It all depends on you, if you are satisfied with their service you can buy the premium plan which doesn’t really cost much. They have a special offer of 3 years deal for just $3.49 don’t miss out on this as this won’t last long. And even when you do sign up for their premium service you don’t have to worry about anything as they have a 30-days money back guarantee. So if you really don’t get what you were looking for with their service you can opt out and get your money back 100%.

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