Best Popcorn time VPN 2020 to Watch Movies and TV Shows Abruptly

last updated: 15 March 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Popcorn Time is an open source software which provides high quality video for streaming using the BitTorrent P2P technology. It is a cross platform media player which works on a variety of devices via the apps. The video content on Popcorn Time is sourced from various torrent sites which are illegal in many countries. So, it is always wiser to use the best Popcorn Time VPN to stay anonymous and keep your activities private when using Popcorn Time.

What is Popcorn Time?

The most interesting thing about Popcorn Time is resembles too much to the insanely popular streaming service Netflix. However, unlike Netflix, Popcorn Time provides the streaming media for free because of the BitTorrent protocol. It works quite similar to P2P file sharing, but it goes a little farther by providing real time streaming while downloading the video in the background.

popcorn time

So, by now you must have gotten it that the content available on Popcorn Time is mostly illegal due to the source of the videos which are the torrent sites. However, from latest movies to your favorite TV shows, there is nothing which cannot be found on Popcorn Time app.

It also provides the HD quality streaming experience for free which makes it even more attractive for the users. The easy to use interface and superb functionality helped it gain popularity among streaming fanatics.

Being an open source app, Popcorn Time gives all the freedom to the users to not only enjoy all the content from anywhere, but also gives the chance to develop the app with further options if one is capable and willing.

In 2014, the original developers of Popcorn Time abandoned the service which gave chance to various entities to come up with clones dubbed as Popcorn Time forks. Not all forks are functional and some are even malicious too. But the two most reputable ones are Popcorn and Popcorn These are your go to ones if you are new to Popcorn Time.

What is VPN Popcorn Time and why you need it?

Now that you have gathered all the information on Popcorn Time, you must have figured out or at least have a hint about why you should use Popcorn Time with a Popcorn Time VPN. It is for anonymity and online privacy. If you had these words surrounding your thoughts too, then we have good news for you.

A VPN helps users to experience complete online freedom by providing access to many geographically restricted or censored websites and web services. But more importantly, the best Popcorn Time VPN helps users to stay completely anonymous on the web and keeps all the activities private and encrypted.

A VPN creates an encrypted VPN tunnel and routes all the internet traffic of the user through this encrypted tunnel by which the activities of the user stays completely private. No entity can sniff or peek into the activity of the user, not even the ISP. In addition, a VPN also masks the IP address of the user, making him completely anonymous in the online world. Also, a VPN helps you skip ISP throttling as well which can slow down the speed. It is ideal for the Popcorn Time users which is why you need the best VPN for Popcorn Time.

The Best Popcorn Time VPN

Now that you have understood the significance of a VPN for Popcorn Time, you must also understand the significance of choosing the best Popcorn Time VPN. You must have seen many free VPN services while exploring this side of the online world. Many of them are very popular and even functional too. However, when it comes your privacy and security, trusting on a free service is not the wisest thing to do.

Many popular free VPN services have been found to make money from users’ data and connections which is the last thing you want. So, you certainly shouldn’t go for a free VPN service for your own privacy. In addition, the best Popcorn Time VPN must also provide badass security protocols, high end encryption, and string connection.

So keeping all these factors in mind, we have picked the following services as the best VPN for Popcorn Time users.

1. SurfShark VPN (Cheapest VPN for Popcorn Time)

2. ExpressVPN – (Recommended Popcorn Time VPN)

3. NordVPN – (Working VPN for Popcorn Time)

So, these are the best VPNs for Popcorn Time as they provide exceptional security options with great encryption and reliable connections, along with above average speed which is extremely important for an enhanced streaming experience. Now we are good to move on to the step by step guide for using the best Popcorn Time VPN.

How to use VPN with Popcorn Time?

In order to use Popcorn Time with complete safety and to have a better streaming experience, we have made this step by step guide to help you setup and use the VPN in a matter of minutes.

Answer: Follow the steps given below and use VPN with Popcorn Time esily:

  • Get the best VPN for Popcorn Time (We recommend SurfShark).
  • Open the app and login using the VPN credentials.
  • Now, go to the options and make sure that encryption is on, OpenVPN protocol is selected, DNS leaks and IPv6 protections are on and Internet Killswitch is also active.
  • Go to server locations and select a location where torrenting is legal or you can also select a location from where get better speeds as your security options are already working.
  • Now open Popcorn Time and enjoy your favorite content without any hassle and worries.

So these are the easy steps which can help you get the most out of Popcorn Time via the best VPN.


Is Popcorn Time Safe?

Answer: Yes and No, because it has mix content. If you are using Popcorn time to contain only movies and TV shows its totally fine. However few content is considered to be negative which can harm your device so better to avoid download it. Overall its safe.

Final Words

Conclusively, you do need a VPN for Popcorn Time because of the content. Popcorn Time itself is not illegal, but the content and sources might be, depending on the laws of the country. Still, it is always wise to use the best VPN for Popcorn Time so you get the best experience with complete privacy.