IbVPN Review: A Features Filled Mediocre VPN (2020)

last updated: 16 January 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi
ibVPN Review
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  • Good server Coverage
  • No logs Policy
  • Strong encryption
  • Killswitch
  • SmartDNS
  • Double VPN
  • Tor over VPN
  • NAT firewall
  • P2P allowed
  • 5 simultaneous logins


  • Connection issues
  • Speed issues

Invisible browsing VPN or ibVPN has many features to offer and these are enough to get many users’ liking. This Romania based VPN service offers tons of amazing security, privacy, unblocking and streaming features. Even with all of these features it is astonishingly low cost that can easily turn anyone’s eye on it. However, it still is not among the top VPN services which we have analyzed. To find the answer of our why, we are going to analyze everything there is about this service in our ibVPN review. Let’s get things started!

IbVPN Review Summary

In our ibVPN review, we analyzed all the critical aspects of this features filled VPN service. It offers various options and features which can easily impress any VPN user like we are impressed with the offerings at such a low cost. However, when we tested the service out, there were connection issues and the speed issues.

The speed of the service is slow on most of the servers. It easily outweighs all the features which are offered by ibVPN. Additionally, the connection issues were also there, especially on the windows app. Talking about the apps, ibVPN has some good VPN apps filled with various options and features. Also, ibVPN does not keep any logs and it is based in Romania, so the protection of privacy is solid. Still, ibVPN needs to improve the speed if it wish to grow up in the market.

Our IbVPN Review Score

  • Features: 3.9
  • Apps: 3.7
  • Security: 4.0
  • Speed: 3.2
  • Overall: 3.7

IbVPN Logging Policy

ibVPN clearly states that they do not collect or log any activity of users using ibVPN along with any traffic as well. It further clarifies that they cannot relate any activity performed on the server with any particular user of ibVPN. It means that it has no logs and the users’ privacy is valued. However, in the instances of legal action, ibVPN complies with those legal notices. Still, they cannot give what they cannot have, so the users’ privacy is always protected. In terms of logging and being truly a no log VPN, ibVPN has proved to be trustworthy.

IbVPN Features Review

The privacy policy of ibVPN is really impressive and clean which is great for the privacy focused users. Now we will look at the features which ibVPN offers. As mentioned earlier, ibVPN offers various significant features, so we are going to look at each of the notable features and benefits that are offered by ibVPN.

Five simultaneous connections

ibVPN offers five simultaneous connections only with the highest costing plan that is called the Ultimate VPN. The cost of this plan is $58.06 per two years which is quite affordable. We will discuss the pricing in more details below. These five simultaneous connections easily cover all the personal devices and the home network of the user using a single VPN account.

Sock5 proxies

There are only a few VPN services in the market which offer Sock5 proxies along with the VPN plan. ibVPN is one of them, however, the Sock5 proxies are also available for tier one premium users. It is available in the ultimate plan and the torrent VPN plan which is specially made for the P2P users.

Tor over VPN

Many VPN providers do not provide support for Tor network which can increase the security and anonymity of the users significantly. However, ibVPN does provide support for Tor and it is available in the VPN app it offers. Do keep in mind that the Tor over VPN is also only available with the highest end pricing plan i.e. the Ultimate VPN plan offered by ibVPN.

Double VPN

Yes, you have guessed both the things right. It is a double hop VPN connection and it is also only available with the highest paid plan dubbed as the Ultimate VPN plan. Needless to say, this feature will reduce your internet speed even more. You can read more about Double VPN and multi-hop VPN chains in our article. NordVPN is another VPN service that offers Double VPN

NAT Firewall

For added security of the users, ibVPN also offer NAT firewall with the Ultimate VPN plan which helps users to stay safe from various malware and all the unauthorized incoming connections. ibVPN has some particular conditions regarding NAT firewall which are logical, but can be improved.

Stealth VPN

When it comes to anonymity, ibVPN is sufficient in helps users hide their VPN connections from few of the toughest firewalls in the world which block most of the VPNs.

IbVPN converts the data packages of VPN as the normal data packages which makes it look like a normal connection and even DPIs cannot identify the connection to be coming from a VPN. It is also the part of Ultimate VPN plan.

Browser extensions

ibVPN offers browser extensions for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera web browsers. ibVPN browser extensions are available for the users with all the plans, except for the Torrents VPN plan. ibVPN browser extensions offers all the locations and takes no time to connect the VPN. It also offers encryption which secure all the data of the web browser.

24/7 customer support

Like various other top providers, ibVPN also offers a round the clock customer support for all the users. The agents are very responsive and mostly helpful for troubleshooting and setting up VPN on various devices.

It has become necessary for the VPN services to offer great round the clock customer support and ibVPN understand sit well, which is why it offers a good 24/7 support.

These are some of the notable features that ibVPN offers. These certainly does make user attract to it. Now we will review another attractive thing about ibVPN which is its reasonable pricing. Let’s look at it in more detail in the following section.

IbVPN Prices Review

ibVPN offers four different pricing plans and all these plans have different number of features included.

The four plans are named as Ultimate VPN, Standard VPN, Torrent VPN, and IBDNS/SmartDNS.

The pricing of all these are different and the most expensive and features filled plan is the Ultimate VPN plan which has been mentioned in the features section multiple times. Let’s look at the prices of these plans as follows.

IBDNS/SmartDNS Monthly: $4.95/Month

IBDNS/SmartDNS Yearly: $3.08/Month i.e. $36.95 per year

Torrent VPN Monthly: $4.95/Month

Torrent VPN Yearly: $3.08/Month i.e. $36.95 per year

Standard VPN Monthly: $2.47/Month

Standard VPN Yearly: $1.54/Month i.e. $18.48 per year

Ultimate VPN 2 Years Plan: $2.42/Month i.e. $58.06 per 2 years

Ibvpn review

These pricing plans certainly shows that ibVPN offers one of the most competitive and affordable pricing plans which are way too sufficient for many users.

Additionally, ibVPN offers free trial test of the full service and even after that, it offers a 15 days money back guarantee.

The users can pay to buy ibVPN using Credit/Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Maestro and more), eWallets (WebMoney) and many other (AliPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin, Yandex, Bank Wire Transfer and more).

It covers almost all the major payment processors and payments options which users prefer.

IbVPN Protocols Review

ibVPN offers a variety of VPN protocols which include OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, and PPTP. The best part is that it offers OpenVPN which is the most recommended and reliable VPN protocol among all the other protocols there are. We always recommend all the users to use OpenVPN for all purposes because it is the most secure and fastest VPN protocol. However, if there are some advanced users who need to use other protocols, they should do it after the full knowledge about it.

In terms of speed PPTP and OpenVPN are two of the fastest VPN protocols. We tested both protocols to improve the speed of our ibVPN connection but we could not achieve above average speed on any of the servers. Let’s discuss about the servers, locations and performance in the next section in more details.

IbVPN Servers & Locations Review

It has been mentioned on the website of ibVPN that “Close to 200 servers from 47 countries, 63 locations around the world that you can access straight away”. The network of servers it offers is not vast but does cover various countries which is the good part. However, because of the limited servers in each location, the speed of the service is really bad.

We tested various protocols and various servers but we could not get to above average speed. The speed was a little inconsistent as well. The stability of connection was also a problem which is a big no no for the privacy concerned user. So, the servers are not impressive and the performance is dull. It is just an average working VPN service which explains why they have such cheap pricing plans for a features filled service.

IbVPN for Mac Review

ibVPN for Mac app is nice in looks and filled with various options. The features integrated in the Mac app include auto connect at startup, killswitch and auto reconnect, and ibDNS. Additionally the Mac app of ibVPN has all the four VPN protocols which it offers in the service. It is not the most beautiful VPN app we have reviewed and neither is it the most impressive one. Still, it is considerable if the performance and speed of the service can be improved.

IbVPN for iPhone Review

To compete well in the market against some of the best VPN services, it is essential for ibVPN to have VPN apps for all the major platforms and devices including ibVPN app for iPhone and iPad. The iOS app by ibVPN is not features filled, neither it is very good in design and experience. However, the biggest problem for us in the app is the fact that it does not have OpenVPN as VPN protocol. It only has PPTP and L2TP VPN protocols supported. The speed and performance is again a major issue which is why we cannot recommend this app.

IbVPN for Windows Review

ibVPN for Windows is considered as one of the most complex VPN apps made. It is mainly because of the features and options which have been integrated in the Windows app. In terms of features and options, it is a rich app and once you are familiar with the design and UX, it is a good app. However, the same issue of speed and performance kills the whole purpose and joy. ibVPN certainly need to work on its servers to improve the speed and performance, otherwise the cheap prices and loads of features cannot hold it for too long in the market.

IbVPN for Android Review

In terms of design and experience, ibVPN for Android is similar to its Apple counterpart. However, the good thing about ibVPN for Android is that it offers OpenVPN protocol. OpenVPN is the only protocol which it has and we think that it is good enough rather than having two unsafe and less reliable VPN protocols instead of the best one. Additionally the service performance and speed is still the same. We were not too impressed by using the service and we think that ibVPN sounds way much better than how it performs.

IbVPN for Router Review

ibVPN is compatible with various routers and it also offers pre-configured routers which works best, as per their site. ibVPN can be setup on various DDWRT, Sabai technology routers and Tomato routers as well. The compatibility of ibVPN is really impressive but the speed and performance is not even on routers via manual or pre-configured setting.

Final Words

ibVPN is impressive when it comes to features and price, as seen in our ibVPN review. But when it comes to the performance and speed of the service, it doesn’t fare well. It is one of those average VPN services which sometimes gets the work done and other times keeps you hanging because of the speed issues. It has some brilliant security and privacy features which are nicely integrated in the apps. A little bit of work in design and experience can get their apps better. However, they need to up their game in performance and speed of the service if they want to step up or at least sustain in the market.

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