Perfect Privacy Review: Is it really perfect for privacy?

last updated: 04 January 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi
Perfect Privacy Review
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  •         Provides good speed
  •         No Logs
  •         Really easy to use
  •         Based in Switzerland
  •         Unlimited simultaneous connections
  •         VPN servers in 23 Countries
  •         Offers a 7-day Money Back Guarantee


  •         Limited App for Mac
  •         Does not work well with Netflix
  •         Customer support can get better

Perfect Privacy sounds too great for all the users who really do care about their online privacy and to be honest, we all do need to care about it and use tools like VPNs to protect it.

So, in the world where many third party entities are on the lookout for your internet data, Perfect Privacy claims to encrypt and anonymize the internet for the users.

So, here we are going to see how perfect it is in protecting users’ privacy on the web in our Perfect Privacy VPN Review.

We will see all the good and the bad things about Perfect Privacy in our review.

We will also evaluate the Perfect Privacy apps for Windows, and Android, along with testing the speed, performance and privacy features.

Let’s find out how perfect it is for privacy of the users in our Perfect Privacy Review.

If you want to read more of our reviews then head on to our VPN Reviews page.

Perfect Privacy Review Summary

Perfect Privacy does put a lot of efforts in helping users’ protect their privacy.

They have some of the innovative features integrated in the service like multi-hop VPN connections and NeuroRouting which are coupled with Stealth VPN and TrackStop.

This in combination gives absolute privacy to users. In addition, we found in our Perfect Privacy review that it gives decent speeds and is easy to use.

However, it only has VPN servers in 23 Countries and the price it charges may seem a little higher to some users.

Overall, it really is quite perfect for users’ privacy with some innovate features, but there is some room of improvement in many other features that other ace VPN providers offer.

Our Perfect Privacy Review Score

Features: 4.5

Apps: 3.9

Security: 4.5

Speed: 4.3

Overall: 4.3

Perfect Privacy Review in Points


  •         Multi Hop VPN Connection
  •         NeuroRouting
  •         Provides good speed
  •         No Logs
  •         Really easy to use
  •         Based in Switzerland
  •         Unlimited simultaneous connections
  •         VPN servers in 23 Countries
  •         Offers a 7-day Money Back Guarantee
  •         TrackStop
  •         Stealth VPN


  •         Limited App for Mac
  •         Does not work well with Netflix
  •         Customer support can get better

Perfect Privacy Features Review

In our Perfect Privacy review we have analyzed all the significant features that this service provider offers. So, we are going to look at each of these features in detail below.

Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

Perfect Privacy is one of the very few service providers which offer unlimited simultaneous connections on every account.

This means that users can connect VPN unlimited devices using a single account. So, one account can serve the whole family which means the complete privacy protection for the whole house.

No Logs

In order to live up to its name, Perfect Privacy has a strict no logs policy which includes both, traffic and connections logs.

It is based in Switzerland which is another good point as Switzerland is not the part of the dangerous Fourteen Eyes.

So, the users can trust the service for logs, as it does not log any user activity, hence doesn’t keep any log files.

Cascading of Multi VPN servers

It is also known as multi-hop VPN connection or simply multi VPN. Perfect privacy is one of the rarest providers which offer a multi hop VPN connection which significantly increases the security and privacy of the users.

Multi hop VPN connection adds more masking layers on IP and more encryption layers because of connecting to multiple servers before reaching the destination website server.

It makes the users almost invincible regarding their anonymity and privacy of their internet data.


NeuroRouting is an innovative trademark feature which is AI based routing for better online security of users.

It can be defined it as “NeuroRouting is basically a dynamic, simultaneous, server-side, multi-hop VPN setup”.

NeuroRouting works on the server side and allows users to route their internet traffic dynamically using various servers at the same time.

Neuro Routing is AI based, so all the process is done automatically as the system itself determines the best servers and routes for the internet traffic.

The data is always encrypted with all the routes, which improves security.


TrackStop is the anti tracking feature which prevents users to open tracking and phishing domains on the internet.

This helps users to prevent any spyware installed on their devices by not allowing users to go on such domains. It works like other ad blocking and anti tracking features offered by various VPN providers.

Stealth VPN

Stealth VPN technology masks the VPN data packets as normal web data traffic so it can circumvent firewalls and get users power to even go around the nationwide VPN restriction, if they live in such country.

It comes really handy in countries like China where VPNs are restricted and various popular sites and services are blocked.

So, it is another advanced feature for internet freedom and privacy which Perfect Privacy offers.

So these are some of the most notable features we found in our Perfect Privacy review and these surely are impressive.

Considering the features, Perfect Privacy does seem to live up to its name. Now we will turn to the pricing which is not the strong suit of Perfect Privacy VPN.

Perfect Privacy Prices Review

Perfect Privacy offers five different plans varying the duration of the plan. All the plans include all the features and offerings which Perfect Privacy gives. So the following are the pricing plans of Perfect Privacy:

1-Month: €12.99/Month

3-Month: €11.98/Month

6-Month: €10.99/Month

12-Month: €9.99/Month

24-Month: €8.95/Month

Perfect Privacy Pricing

So, these are the pricing plans which Perfect Privacy offers. Except for the 1 month plan, the price is charges as one time for the given duration and the cost is the multiple of the per month price into duration of your desired plan.

Additionally, Perfect Privacy accepts payments using a large variety of options including Bitcoin, PayPal, Credit Card, Union Pay and various others.

Perfect Privacy ;ayment method review

So, it gets very easy for users to buy the subscription and they can also choose an anonymous payment method.

Perfect Privacy Protocols Review

Perfect Privacy offers PPTP, OpenVPN, and IPSec VPN protocols in addition to a security tunnel and some web proxies.

OpenVPN is definitely the most preferred VPN protocol because of its unbeatable security and its commendable speed.

In addition, for advanced users, the options of PPTP and IPSec protocols are also available. But we still suggest OpenVPN to be used for perfect privacy and speed.

Perfect Privacy Servers & Locations Review

In our Perfect Privacy VPN review, we found that the network of servers offered by Perfect Privacy is not too vast as it only covers 23 countries around the globe.

Whereas there some other ace VPN providers who has the coverage in more than 100 countries.

Perfect Privacy Server Locations

Still, the performance and speed of Perfect Privacy’s servers and connections are quite impressive. Following are some of the results:

perfect privacy review speed test

Perfect Privacy Review

Perfect Privacy Review

Even on the multi-hop VPN connection, the speed was better than what we expected.

perfect privacy multi hop speed

So, the coverage area might be limited, but speed and privacy on the servers and locations are impressive.

Additionally, most of the servers allow torrenting which is actually good for the torrent users as they look for ultimate privacy for downloading torrents.

Perfect Privacy Apps Review

Perfect Privacy apps are quite easy to use, but the apps for android and Mac have limitations if compared to their Windows counterpart.

In addition, Perfect Privacy does not have an app for iOS as of yet. So, let’s briefly look at each of the apps individually below.

Perfect Privacy for Windows Review

The VPN manager of Perfect Privacy for Windows is undoubtedly very functional. As it is the only VPN software which has the multi-hop VPN configuration option available via the app.

Additionally, users can have control over all the mentioned features via Perfect Privacy for Windows app. It does not look very modern, but it certainly is easy to use.

Perfect Privacy for Android Review

You would not be able to find Perfect Privacy for Android on Google’s playstore because of the compliance issue between Google and Perfect Privacy.

According to the provider, they cannot comply with Google’s policy which is privacy invading. So you will have to download the APK file from the provider’s website.

It is a decent basic VPN app but do not expect a lot of features and options in it.

Perfect Privacy for Router Review

Perfect Privacy has a partnership with another company which offers pre-configured VPN router. So, if you want to skip the hassle then it is perfect for you.

In addition, Perfect Privacy supports manual configurations on several routers.

However, they prefer for users to get the pre-configured routers so they can avoid the hassle and Perfect Privacy may make some money from affiliate router links on their site.


All in all, Perfect Privacy certainly does live up to its name and due to its amazing security and privacy features, it can be said that it is perfect for users’ privacy.

However, in our Perfect Privacy VPN review we also came to the point that it is not the only perfect for privacy VPN service.

There are several limitations and the provider has a long way to go. Still the innovation it has in terms of security features are unmatched as of yet.

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