Best Stremio VPN – Why you need and How it Works

last updated: 14 March 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Stremio is another popular media player software that helps users access their favorite streaming content on their favorite devices. It is a video content aggregator where users can discover, watch, and share their favorite media across various devices. Stremio is similar to Kodi and in order to enhance the experience users can rely on various add-ons. However, not all add-ons are available for everyone and provide licensed content. This is where the need of a Stremio VPN arrives and here we will exactly deal with all this in detail.

What is Stremio?

So you already know by now that Stremio is a video content aggregator which makes a large variety of video content available for users for streaming online on the device of their choice. However, it is the only media player available which has a Netflix add-on having all the amazing titles on Netflix available for users. Although it has very limited add-ons overall, but the community add-on option helps users get their hands on various different TV shows, movies, live events, etc.

Not all these add-ons by the community provides licensed content which means that if your activities are being tracked, then you can be in trouble. In addition, not all the channels on add-ons are available in all the regions of the world, which means that your streaming experience can be restricted because of these geographic restrictions. This is why you need a Stremio VPN to get the best experience.

Is Stremio Safe?

Answer: Yes, Stremio is safe and pretty cool application and if you use it with VPN you can easily stream your favorite content safely. Just make sure you watch legitimate content with Vimeo, Youtube, Twitch and other streaming services.

Why do you need a Stremio VPN?

Answer: The two main reasons of using a VPN are, unblocking sites and services and protecting your privacy on the web. These two are also the main reasons why you need a good Stremio VPN.

If you are using a non-official add-on and the content provided on it is pirated then you need to keep yourself anonymous. In addition, if you are willing to watch a channel or live event but it is only available in a specific country where you do not live, then you have to book the tickets or digitally move there.

In both the scenarios, you have to get your hands on the best VPN for Stremio. It is because a VPN helps you get access to any geo-restricted site by masking your IP with another IP address of the desired location. Also, it creates an encrypted tunnel and routes all the internet data through that tunnel keeping your activities fully private. Not even your ISP can peek into your activities. So now you too would be feeling the need of a good Stremio VPN. SO to help you choose the best VPN, we have a few suggestions below.

Best VPN for Stremio

Before we put our picks for the best VPN for Stremio out, we need to help you understand a few critical elements. Not all VPN services are worth your trust, specially the free ones. You must have seen various free VPN services which are functional as well. However, trusting these services is not as easy as using them. It has been found that a few free services have been making money out of the users’ privacy. It is the last you would want to happen as a VPN user.

In addition, only having the unblocking powers and string encryption for security is not enough to be the best VPN for Stremio. The speed is another very important factor which can take your streaming experience to a whole new level or kill it totally. So, keeping all these factors into consideration,

We have picked a few best VPN for Stremio below:

1. SurfShark VPN (Cheapest VPN for Stremio)

2. NordVPN – Working Stremio VPN

3. ExpressVPN – Recommended VPN for Stremio

These are the services which you need to have the best streaming experience on Stremio. Now we will move on to the point where you get to know how you can use the best VPN to enhance your experience on Stremio.

How to use the best VPN for Stremio?

To make things easier for you, we have made the following step by step guide to help you get access to geo blocked content on Stremio with the help of the best VPN. You simply need to follow the steps below and that’s about it.

  • Get the best VPN for Stremio (We recommend SurfShark).
  • Open the app and login using your VPN credentials.
  • Connect to the server located in your desired country.
  • Open your browser and check your IP to see if the VPN has connected.
  • Open Stremio app and enjoy your previously blocked content.

Now, if you are only looking for kickass security and privacy, then we suggest that you choose the nearest server from your location so your speed is better than the average VPN speed you get.


So, these are the steps which can help you get around Geo blocks and make your activities fully private on the web. But you do need to get your hands on the best VPN for Stremio!