VPN for Gaming – Reduce Lags and Pings with Best Gaming VPN

last updated: 08 October 2018 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Only the gamers can understand the pains of lagging, high pings and packet lost. Also, only a true gamer can enjoy the true blessing of a reliable VPN service. But many would be thinking about why do you even need a VPN for gaming? To tell you about this why and about the five best VPNs for gaming so that you can easily choose one of the bests and it can take your pains away, we are here. Let’s get on to the real business and find out about the best Gaming VPN among the hundreds on earth.

Why do you need a VPN for Gaming?

Most of you must be thinking that why do someone need a VPN for gaming when you need to have the best possible speed and connection while gaming, but VPNs are known to slow the speed down due to encryption and server hoping. It is completely logical and we too agree to a certain extent about this. However, those who understand the significance of VPNs for gaming too understand all the scenarios where VPNs can come really handy while gaming.

Mostly gamers use VPNs for two major reasons. First is the protection of one’s privacy on the web and second is to get internet freedom i.e. to bypass various geographic restrictions. A VPN creates an encrypted tunnel and routes all of your internet traffic through that secure tunnel. This way all of your internet activities and data remain private and no third party can peek into your activities. VPN also masks your IP address to make you anonymous on the web and assigns to a new one of your desired location which helps in accessing any content, site or game that is only accessible in that location or that is blocked in your region.

Both of these capabilities are extremely important for gamers because of security threats like DDoS attacks, the security of financial information attached to their gaming accounts, accessing geo blocked games while travelling and playing games early which are not yet released in their regions. Another important part is speed, so with the best gaming VPN, your speed does not suffer at all, in fact top VPNs for gaming can help improve ping and speed on some occasions. However, you actually need to get your hands on the best VPN for gaming because not all VPNs are good enough.

Best Gaming VPNs

In order to choose the best VPN for gaming, there are a few important elements that should be considered and on the basis of these, a VPN should be evaluated. These important elements include the logging policy, VPN apps, performance, speed, reliability of connections, DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks, IP leaks, and encryption. All these factors are critical in choosing a VPN and we have tested numerous well known services to pick the five best gaming VPNs. The following are our top picks.



ExpressVPN is the best all-around VPN with extraordinary performance, security, privacy and reliability. Despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive VPN services, but its price is worth the quality of service you get. It is undoubtedly the best VPN for gaming and for other purposes as well.



NordVPN is known for its decent speed and a vast network of servers which are nicely optimized not only for speed but for security and unblocking as well. No doubt NordVPN is one of the best VPN for gaming and for other purposes. The quality of service and performance is actually ideal for gaming.



Another fast VPN for gaming and it is also quite reliable in terms of security and protecting users’ privacy. IPVanish is reputable and known for its decent service quality. However, it is a little more expensive than industry average, but still less than the top best VPN for gaming.



VyprVPN is another great service for gamers for its exclusive Chameleon protocol which is fast and secure, along with other security features. Additionally, VyprVPN also has support an expansive variety of platforms and devices. It is really good choice which is why it is among the best gaming VPNs.


cyberghost - cheap vpn

CyberGhost is quite popular among gamers mainly because of its free service which is very functional. However, the premium service by CyberGhost is very decent in terms of performance and security. With its thousands of servers and good security features, it is a good VPN for gaming.

So, these are all the best VPNs for gaming which we picked to help you choose. Now we will move on to some tips which can help you improve your VPN speed to some extent which is extremely important for an amazing gaming experience.

Tips to have better VPN Speed While Gaming

There are a few things which can actually help improving your VPN speed so your gaming experience is not ruined, if not improved at the very least. So the first tip is to choose a server nearest to your location. This helps in maintain the speed of your connection while keeping you under the protection of the best gaming VPN.

Another important tip is to use OpenVPN as it is the most secure and fastest VPN protocol. It does not only ensure your ultimate privacy of the web but also keeps your speed steady so you get a great streaming experience. Lastly, asking for less busy server from the customer support or some best gaming VPN apps has the option to automatically select the most suitable server.

So with these tips you can easily maintain your connection speed with the VPN and in some instances you may have improved speed for a better gaming experience. We hope this information help you understand why you should use a VPN for gaming and choosing one has become easier with our suggestions. Do let us know about your amazing gaming experience with the best gaming VPN you chose.