VPN into China | Get Access to Chinese Content Outside China with a VPN

last updated: 14 March 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Many VPN users, in fact all the netizens would be thinking why someone would want a VPN into China.

It is because most of the time what users read is hear is about the Great Firewall of China which blocks many top social and other websites which is easily available in the rest of the world.

To name a few, Twitter, Google services, Facebook and many other are blocked in China.

So, the people in China should be the ones willing to get a VPN out of China.

This is logical and does happen, especially with the expats and travelers. However, there are various amazing Chinese streaming websites and services which are totally free to be accessed in China.

There are various websites woo which everyone would like to use but are only available in China.

To name a few of these, CNTV.cn, Youku.com, Tudou.com, TV.Sohu.com, V.Baidu.com, Video.sina.com.cn, V.qq.com, IQiYi.com and more are worth getting a VPN into China.

Here we will explain how users around the globe can get access Chinese servers and contact with a VPN.

Why to use VPN?

The blocking of websites and services in China is two way. Many international sites are not accessible in China and there are various top Chinese websites which are not accessible outside China. It is commonly known as geo blocking or geo restrictions.

In order to get access to the websites and services which are only available in China, you need a VPN in China.

We have named a few top websites which are free and offers great streaming content for the users.

However, accessing these websites and services is not the only reason why you should VPN into China.

Many businesses and site owners wish to test whether their site and services are working in China and are they accessible to their Chinese audience.

Additionally, they can also test the load time and other site related issues in China, because it is a very critical and important location. So, for these significant reasons, you need to use a VPN to China.

Why you should get a working VPN into China?

Now you know why you need a VPN for China, but you should also know that there are a very few services which are still able to get you access to Chinese websites with a China IP address.

It has become especially very difficult after the VPN crackdown in China.

So, while choosing a VPN, you need to be sure that the one you are choosing does not only claim to work in China but also does work well in China.

A few considerations to choose can be the server locations which must include China. If the server is Physically in China, then the service will have a better performance.

You also need to check some reviews about the service which discloses a lot about the service, in both positive and negative ways.

Now we will tell you our best picks if you wish to VPN for China from your location. The next section includes the best China VPN services that are working.

Best Working VPN into China

We tested various services to get into China and access the variety of websites and streaming services available in China.

Out of all the top VPN services, the following services are the ones which worked like charm even in China.

It is quite difficult to find a working VPN, but to make it easy for you, here’re our top picks.


The best all-around VPN services, which works like charm for any purpose a user might have. They have servers in China and their services works like charm in China. We were easily able to access multiple Chinese websites which are geographically restricted and faced no issues regarding the firewall blocking the service of the website itself identifying our VPN connection.


This is the second-best VPN service and it has an even larger network of servers. However, when it came to the performance into China, then it could not outperform ExpressVPN in terms of speed and connection reliability. Still, HideMyAss’s performance was more than impressive and we also were able to access those Chinese sites using the China VPN IP address.


was surprisingly good when it came access China content. The performance and speed were fine and there were a few interruptions which might have been caused by the firewall of the website or service. But, still it is a worthy choice.

These three VPN services are the ones which we handpicked after analyzing many VPN services.

If you are looking for a VPN to use in China, then trying any of these would be really a convenient and reliable option for you. Now, we will move on to how to use a VPN into China.

How to use a China VPN server to get a Chinese IP Address?

In order to use a VPN to get into China, you need to follow the steps we have mentioned below. These steps are made to keep things simple for you. All you need to do is to follow the steps and it would not take more than a few minutes for you to VPN to China.

  1. Get a working VPN, if you have not already.
  2. Download the app and install it on your preferred device.
  3. Open the app and login using your VPN username and password
  4. Now go to the server selection and select China server
  5. Make sure that your selected protocol is OpenVPN
  6. Connect the VPN
  7. Open your browser to check the IP address


That’s it, you are good to get into China using a working VPN. You can access any Chinese website or service from your own location without any hassle or trouble. Enjoy your online experience in China!