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last updated: 17 April 2019 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Game of Thrones has been a worldwide phenomenon and has garnered a great fan following. There are varieties of people who want to watch the Game of Thrones online on Putlocker.

game of thrones online on putlocker

If you are one of those people who are a fan of Game of Thrones and does not have the access to watch it online. It is because the popular streaming site Putlocker has been banned in a number of locations you may try alternative Putlockers website to stream game of thrones seasons online ( . This is a bad news for the fans as the much-anticipated season 8 is near and fans are waiting for it enthusiastically. Nobody wants to miss even a single moment of this epic series and are making preparations to watch it at the time of its release.

How can I watch Game of Thrones Online

In order to watch the Game of Thrones online, there are many options available. For those of you who are new to the series, Game of Thrones is a medieval series by George,R,R Martin and is set in the fictional world of Westeros. It is loosely adapted from the book “A Song of Ice and Fire” and from the release of the pilot episode, it has become a critically acclaimed series spawning multiple merchandises and other related stuff.

Fans who want to watch the Game of Thrones online on Putlocker might be disappointed as it is banned in almost every country. But still, for those of you who want to watch the Game of Thrones online, there may be certain options specific for the purpose like:

  • Using a Best VPN service
  • Watch it on streaming sites
  • Downloading through torrents
  • Paid Subscriptions
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Using a Best VPN Service

Using a Best VPN service will allow you to watch Game of Thrones Putlockers online as it bypasses the restrictions and will allow you to access the content of Putlocker. This is a great news for those who have only this option available and hence can feel rejoiced.

A VPN works by making use of IP masking protocols that allow your IP to remain anonymous while you are connected from other location. In this way, you can enjoy the content present while feeling safe and secure all during the session. There are several other ways from where the Game of Thrones can be accessed online through the use of a Best VPN. We would likely to recommend ExpressVPN or NordVPN for this purpose as these two VPN giants are the best services to have (you can check out the reviews of ExpressVPN vs NordVPN as to why they are the best).

Watch it on Streaming Sites

Many streaming sites will offer services to watch the Game of Thrones online through live streaming or to add in the watch later list. As Putlocker is banned in some locations, hence the use of streaming sites is one of the best options to have. These sites offer free services or premium HD services (paid of course) but they are available for a longer period of time and can be watched with comfort any time you want.

Most of the fans of the different series prefer different channels for their amusement and it should not be just the HBO subscriptions to watch the Game of Thrones online through streaming. There are numerous other options like Hulu, Amazon, iTunes and Hotstar (read the guide on how to access Hotstar outside India). All these services offer access to the series once you purchase to watch the Game of Thrones online on demand.

How to access Streaming Sites

A simple advantage of these services is that they are accessible on mobile, tablet or smart TV through their apps. The mobility of these devices enables the services to be accessed from anywhere with just the right type of VPN service (in case if there is a geo-blocking enabled for which you can read the guide for using a Best VPN service).

Securing the account of the service on to different streaming sites is another area where the use of a Best VPN comes in handy. While being able to watch the Game of Thrones in a café with comfort looks cool, enabling a user of the best VPN will ensure that the password of your streaming service is encrypted and you are able to access it from anywhere in the world without any discomfort.

Using these legal ways is guaranteed as it will give you all the best available options openly and without any hurdles and by spending just a little amount, the advantages are much higher than anticipated.

Downloading through Torrents

Another way to watch the Game of Thrones online is to torrent it if the streaming is not available. While there may be laws in your country regarding such options, this does not stop the torrent users to make the episode available shortly after airing.

Each week after the release of an episode, it becomes available to download almost immediately. It might be restricted in some locations to download these episodes but this is where the Best VPN comes again as it can easily bypass the security protocols and allow you to download the Game of Thrones online episodes.

GOT torrent

Using a torrent to watch the Game of Thrones online does come with its own share of risks and issues, the main being the one that you are breaking the law. Also, there may be viruses and malware that can be attached to these files and pose a possible threat to your system. While there may be legal uses for torrents, certain red flag activities make the private networks and other ISP to completely restrict it and the activities related to torrents.

In this case, using one of the best VPN for torrenting will definitely help you out. It will make it easier to access the torrent sites where you can watch the Game of Thrones online and also mask the activities you have during a tormenting session. Services like NordVPN (read out NordVPN review for details) or SurfShark (read the detailed review for SurfShark) will give you an extra edge and an added level of security as it halts all the torrenting and streaming session in case of a connection drops by using the kill switch option.

Paid Subscriptions

It has been difficult in the past to find some legal and affordable ways to stream that show but the cable TV system has med that easier. The best service for this purpose is the HBO’s network standalone service, the HBO Go, which is a free streaming service for those subscribed to their able channel. It gives you both the access to on-demand library of many other series and the exclusive movies selections. There is nothing more better than the content that is provided by the source itself and HBO Go is the best paid option for you. However, you can watch Game of Thrones withou HBO on other streaming sites.

There are several other services that can be used in order to watch the Game of Thrones online like:


The Game of Thrones Season 8 is coming and the fans are just eagerly waiting to make this season worth their waiting. Watching the Game of Thrones online on Putlocker is not a preferred choice as Putlockers sites are almost dead in every way. Watching it on paid subscriptions is indeed a legal way to do it but it might be expensive for the fans.

The above mentioned post has given all the most possible aspects to enjoy the show with ease. The use of Best VPN will be the most preferred way, as it will also cover the other area. Making use of these fastest VPN services will indeed help you in not only watching the game of thrones Season 8 online but will help you