How to Watch Hotstar in USA – Access Hotstar from Anywhere [Updated 2020]

last updated: 07 April 2020 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

Are you a fan of Indian TV shows and movies and looking for a way out to watch Indian Hotstar in USA? Don’t worry we got you covered.

Just like Voot, today i will tell you how you can unblock Hotstar India in USA. But first you need a VPN that offers feature to by-pass geo-restricted services like Hotstar.

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What is Hotstar?

Answer: Hotstar has quickly become one of the most popular streaming service with more than 50,000 hours of movies and TV content in eight languages. It is owned by Novi Digital Entertainment Private Limited which is the subsidiary of Star India Private Limited.

This renown Indian service is available in USA, Canada and India. So, now you are wondering if Hotstar is available in USA, then why you need a VPN to watch your favorite Indian content.

Well here is the catch, like American Netflix, Indian Hotstar has the biggest library that you can’t find in Hotstar USA and Canadian library.

Additionally, Indian Hotstar also offers free content to watch that you won’t get with its USA and Canadian version.

And because of content Geo-restrictions, when you try to access Indian Hotstar in USA, this message will appear on your screen:

Videos on are not available in U.S. 

Indian Hotstar geo-restriction error

This is where a VPN can assist you to get Indian Hotstar in USA by following the mentioned below steps:

How to Watch Indian Hotstar in USA or Elsewhere

Answer: Just follow the simple steps to watch Hotstar in USA with a low cost subscription:

  1. Get a VPN subscription (we recommend ExpressVPN).
  2. Install the VPN service on your device.
  3. Start VPN service and connect available Indian Server.
  4. Once connected, login to your account and enjoy the full library of Hotstar in USA.

Why you need a VPN to watch Hotstar India in USA?

So, by now you have figured out the significance of a VPN in accessing Hotstar if you do not reside in India.

Still, for the skimmers who might have missed it, Hotstar is only accessible in India so those who live outside India cannot access Hotstar to enjoy the amazing titles it has for the love of entertainment online.

But, a VPN as usual can come really handy to unblock Hotstar.

A VPN helps you to mask your IP address and routes your internet traffic via an encrypted tunnel which helps you protect your privacy.

But, in this case, another property of VPN helps you get around the geographic restriction. It helps you get the IP address of any location, which helps you get access to any service or site which is only available in that certain region.

Similarly, in order to watch Hotstar outside India, you need a VPN and connect to the VPN server located in India. That’s about it!

Best VPN to unblock Hotstar outside India or any Country

Knowing that a VPN can help and going for anyone you can get your hands on first is not too sensible. Not all VPNs are made equal and not all are reliable enough.

So, if you need a VPN, why not going for the best one which gives you the real bang for the buck. That’s right, you have to go for a paid one because free ones are not worth it. Always remember, if you are not paying for the product then you are the product.

So, here we are going to list the best VPN services which will help you unblock Hotstar with the best streaming speed and compatibility with various devices. Also, your privacy is priceless so we have kept the most trust worthy services here.

  1. SurfShark
  2. ExpressVPN
  3. NordVPN

So, these are the best of the best which you need to get and watch Hotstar outside India from any location you wish. Below we are going to explain how to do it in a step by step guide which will make it easier for you.

Another reason is that when you buy the Hotstar subscription from India it will cost you only $15 a year whereas when you buy the subscription from USA it will cost you $9.99/month. This is 8 times more expensive then the Indian Subscription. A total rip-off if you ask me.

So, how do you access and enjoy Hotstar’s complete library in USA with a cheap subscription plan?

You can do so with the help of a VPN that has Indian Servers. A VPN will help you spoof your location when you connect through its Indian Servers.

Once you have connected through a VPN you can subscribe at the same price as you would if you were located in India at that time.

A VPN will also help you access the complete library of Hotstar in USA, Canada, UK or from anywhere in the world.

How to signup to Hotstar in USA for just $15/year

  1. Connect to the Indian server with the use of a ExpressVPN.
  2. Access the Hotstar Website.
  3. Click on “Choose your plan”.
  4. Choose from the following packages.
    • Yearly Plan = INR 999 (amounts to roughly $15)
    • Monthly Plan = INR 199 (amounts to roughly $3)
    • Hotstar All Sports = Yearly Plan INR 299 (Amounts to roughly $4)
  5. Enter you personal details.
  6. Make the payment and enjoy your subscription to the fullest.

These were the steps that you need to follow in order to watch Hotstar outside India. If you run in to any trouble then do let me know in the comments. I will try my best to help you out.


Is Hotstar Available in USA?

Answer: Yes, Hotstar available in USA but with limited content. If you want to access full library you need Indian IP address which you can get through VPN. Surfshark VPN has 3 Indian servers which can help you to access Hotstar in USA.

How to Watch Hotstar in Canada?

Answer: Hotstar is available in Canada but with limited content. To access Hotstar full library download ExpressVPN and get Indian IP address to watch Hotstar in Canada or anywhere.


Like we have mentioned before, you don’t really need a VPN to access Hotstar in USA. Since they have already launched their services in other regions.

But there is a huge downside to it as when you access Hotstar outside India you won’t be able to access the complete library and it will also cost you 8 times more expensive then it would when you subscribe it from India.

Using a VPN can help you spoof your location when you connect through its Indian servers. This will enable you to access all of its content for a very low price in USA.

I have described the method above and if you run into any trouble do let me know in the comments below.