How to Watch UFC 229 live online | McGregor vs Khabib live Streaming

last updated: 08 October 2018 written by: Sebastian Petrosi

The most famous mixed martial art or MMA’s league, the UFC is bringing you the biggest fight of the season on 6th October 2018 from Paradise, Nevada. This fight is Khabib vs McGregor that is the main event in the UFC 229 championship event.

This is indeed a once in a lifetime fight that fans of UFC have been waiting for a very long time and are looking forward to it. Also, there are all the other fights that you seriously do not want to miss at all.

Every fan wants to watch the Khabib vs McGregor fight online so they will not miss even a single moment of the event. We understand the hype as we are also the fans of MMA and are going to provide you with a guide that will enable you to watch the event online with hassle-free service of a Best VPN.

So buckle up and read along to gear yourself up for the most anticipated fight in the history of UFC.

When is the fight taking place?

The main event of Khabib vs McGregor will take place on October 6, 2018, and will be at UFC 229 (7 October 2018 in the UK). This year the honour of hosting the main event has been handed over to T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Being the most awaited fight of the recent times everybody wants to watch the Khabib vs McGregor live streaming online.

Different Channels to stream UFC 229 live online

UFC being one of an exclusive fighting league in the world holds a considerable amount of sporting excitement and a large fan base. All the drama and hype that is produced during the fight draws and press conferences are something that is unmatched by any other fighting event in the world.

The exclusive rights of broadcasting the event are with BT Sports; however, the schedule is yet to be confirmed. There are options available for fans all over the globe to enjoy this most anticipated fighting event. There is a ton of information present on the official website and apart from this, we are also providing you with the list of broadcasting services according to a location that will be advantageous for you.

The official broadcasters of UFC 229 according to locations are:

  • United States – UFC Fight Pass, FX and FOX Sports
  • United Kingdom – Most likely to be watched on PPV and also BT Sport
  • Canada – Canadastar Boxing
  • Ireland – Viewers need to purchase PPV from BT Sport
  • Russia – Official Website will provide the information for the broadcasters

The official website of UFC will provide the most relevant information about the exact broadcasters and the fight schedules, so if you want to watch ufc 229 live online streaming, then it is even more necessary to check the official site for the exact schedules and services.

Khabib vs Mcgregor with NordVPN @ $3.99/month

Watch UFC 229 live online streaming from anywhere

Both Khabib and McGregor have their fan base all over the world and if you are one of the fans that live in a country that is unable to broadcast the Khabib vs McGregor live streaming fight online then there is no need to be concerned. We have an answer to your problem and that answer is use the Best VPN.

A VPN is your best bet to unblock the location-based restrictions in your country. All you need to do is to subscribe to a package on your preferred service, log in from the server of your choice and then enjoy the whole UFC 229 event live online. A VPN is the perfect option as it allows you to mask your original IP address and replace it with one from its server list and will make you appear online from a completely different location.

A VPN will allow you to keep your privacy during the whole online session and will provide you with the best speed and uninterrupted service for maximum entertainment and enjoyment.

We have tried and tested a number of different VPN’s for this purpose and have come up with three most reliable services that will definitely provide you with the best experience for watching the Khabib vs McGregor main event live streaming online. Without further ado let us jump to the summary of services that will provide you with the most beneficial experience.


When it comes to the aspect of speed and reliability, ExpressVPN has proved to n=be the best in the business time and time again and has remained as the #1 VPN service. The ease of access, speed, security, server locations and the value of money. ExpressVPN also provides a 30-day money back guarantee that you can claim if you are not satisfied with the service which is highly unlikely.

It supports clients for Windows and MacOS as well as apps for Android and iOS that makes it a supportive service across all platforms.

Watch UFC 229 live online with ExpressVPN


Another service that is standing toe to toe with the features of ExpressVPN is none other than NordVPN. This service has provided its users with the easiest interface as well as a large server base that is unmatched. Also, the speed of service and the reliability of security and privacy is the most prominent concern for NordVPN.

It supports servers from 92 countries that make it the service with the broadest list of servers. Also, it supports Windows and MacOS clients and apps for Android and iOS.

Khabib vs Mcgregor with NordVPN @ $3.99/month


IPVanish has gradually crawled up to the ranks of top VPN in recent times. It has given an explosive offer of providing service at cheaper prices than another service of the same league. This aligned with the exact time of UFC 229 has made it the third best entry in our list.

The speed and privacy features of IPVanish are among the best for an uninterrupted service and streaming process and with its vast server availability, it has become one of the topmost attained services this time.

It has apps for iOS and Android along with the client for Windows and MacOS making it a valued service across all platforms. For more details on this service check out our IPVanish review.

Fight Analysis

While we have provided you with the summary and reviews of the best VPN services that you can use to watch ufc 229 live online and the whole event of UFC 229. Being UFC fans ourselves, we cannot help but give our own views and analysis for this fight before wrapping it up.

Both the fighters have an amazing background which makes them the perfect opponent for each other. Khabib has a record of 26 wins and no losses while Conor McGregor has won 21 out of his 24 matches.

Both the fighters are about to face in a bout that has a history in the making and it is most interesting to see who will emerge on the top and be crowned the winner. We will give you a little analysis of our own before wrapping it up.